Hot Streets

Can’t keep up with the Sutra

By Acaricia May | 04/07/2013
Dear Acaricia May My husband (we are a couple in our forties) has recently purchased a copy of Richard Burton’s translat

To rub or not to rub

By Acaricia May | 13/06/2013
Dear Acaricia May, case I am a 35 year old man, happily married. Our intimate life is great. I think one of the best parts

In a difficult Position

By Acaricia May | 06/06/2013
HOT STREETS Dear Acaricia May   I  had often heard of these infamous parties in Goa where spouse-swapping takes place. R

Smokin’ Blues

By Acaricia May | 30/05/2013
HOT STREETS Dear Acaricia May   I used to be a heavy smoker until a couple of months back. My wife would protest a lot, v

Broken roof tiles ruin the mood By Acaricia May | 23/05/2013

Dear Acaricia May    I am a happily married man in my mid thirties. There’s only one problem in our love life. W

Hands off By Acaricia May | 16/05/2013

HOT STREETS Dear Acaricia May I am a 24 year old woman,sildenafil newly married to a great guy. He has a great whacky se

Return of the Ex By Acaricia May | 11/04/2013

Dear Acaricia May   I live with my husband and three children. We have been very happy for the last nearly 10 years. Bu

He won’t wear my ring By Acaricia May | 28/03/2013

Dear Acaricia May   I have been married for over 22 years now, and one thing about my husband has always puzzled me. He

Chastity Belt By Acaricia May | 14/03/2013

Dear Acaricia May I work on board a ship. I am happily married with one child. I love my wife very much, order and am ve

The Quest for Grafenberg’s Spot By Acaricia May | 07/03/2013

HOT STREETS Dear Acaricia May I have heard a lot about the famous G-Spot that is supposed to give a lot of pleasure to a
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