Books And Cucumbers

By Jose Lourenco | 07/08/2015
Local publishers hit on a new model for selling their books

The Fundacao Stories

By Sheela Jaywant | 10/07/2015
A Contest Showcases The Literary Talent Of Goa

Writing Gives Me A High

By Jose Lourenco | 06/06/2013
Sheela Jaywant, a prolific writer of short stories tells Streets Editor José Lourenço of her writing saga and offers adv

Passion for a Goan Way of Life

By Jose Lourenco | 30/05/2013
A young German woman travels to her Goan husband’s homeland and is fascinated by the vibrant Catholicism in Goa. She r

Konkani Fiction in your pocket By Goa Streets | 16/05/2013

There’s one kind of book you don’t get any more in bookshops in Goa, or anywhere else, seek for that matter. The poc
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