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Hands off


Dear Acaricia May

I am a 24 year old woman,sildenafil newly married to a great guy. He has a great whacky sense of humour, recipe though he can be moody at times. We sometimes travel by scooter to the suburbs of the city where we live. We have a lovely yellow Vespa. I ride pillion, and I like to hug him as he rides the bike. But he doesn’t like this, he says displays of affection in public are in bad taste. But what’s wrong in showing your love in public? He won’t even let me place my hand on his thigh as he rides. The funny thing is, he is okay with all this if we are riding at night, I mean on the road. At that time he doesn’t mind me snuggling up to him on the Vespa, provided there are no other riders on the road, and he even enjoys it. And at night, if I am riding the scooter and he is the pillion rider, he gets really naughty. But why is he such a prude in the daytime?

Julie M, Margao


Dear Julie

Oh, let the poor darling be! It looks like you guys are quite close and enjoy a great relationship, considering he gets upto mischief when the lights are out, on the road and off it. If a man has had a conservative childhood upbringing, he is likely to frown upon blatant hugging and smooching in public. Of course, there are also folks who are heavily into this public fetish, and who can’t get it on without some kind of an audience.  In Goa we have a lot of public smooching by couples who can’t keep their hands off each other, and look into each other’s eyes as though there is no tomorrow. The fact that some of them are seen groping someone else the next day is of course, none of our business. If your man is at the other extreme in insisting on intimacy only in private, give him his space. If you are both in love, it will be obvious to the whole world, through gestures and body language that shows it all, even without touching each other.


Acaricia May


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