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I like to whip my hubbie!

By Acaricia May | 28/02/2013
HOT STREETS Dear Acaricia May, there I am a quiet 38-year-old house wife who’s been happily married for 14 years. My hus

Sneezing on Top and swinging in Leotards

By Acaricia May | 21/02/2013
(HOT STREETS) Dear Acaricia May, tadalafil When my husband and I are in bed, and I enjoy being in control and often assume

Valentine’s Day Special

By Acaricia May | 14/02/2013
(HOT STREETS) Dear Readers, rx It’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s not waste any time. Here are some of my ideas on what you

He’s 90, but I love him

By Acaricia May | 07/02/2013
Hot Streets Dear Acaricia May, there I am a 37-year-old woman with a pretty unusual problem. I have fallen in love with a

If he’s tall and you’re short, Don’t do it Standing! By Acaricia May | 31/01/2013

HOT STREETS Dear Acaricia May, help I would like to know what positions you recommend for “creative” lovemaking? I t

Lingerie’s fine, but how about a diamond By Acaricia May | 24/01/2013

(HOT STREETS) Dear Acaricia May, My husband likes to buy me sexy lingerie, for my birthday, for our anniversary, for eve

Torn over Porn By Acaricia May | 10/01/2013

Dear Acaricia May, no rx I’m a 35-year-old woman who’s been married for eight years. We have a pretty good sex life.

Acaricia May: Slow’s OK! By Acaricia May | 03/01/2013

Dear Acaricia May, My girlfriend and I haven’t had sex yet. We’ve been together for a while now and know tha

I offer you… myself! By Acaricia May | 27/12/2012

Dear Goa Streets readers, vialis 40mg Does your husband go straight for the butt and the boobs and forget to kiss your n

How to make her hot and him want it By Acaricia May | 20/12/2012

There’s a reason pop-psychology books ascribe separate planets to men and women (Remember the book Men are From Mars,
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