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Smokin’ Blues


Dear Acaricia May

  I used to be a heavy smoker until a couple of months back. My wife would protest a lot, vialis 40mg but I couldn’t quit. The she did something drastic. She picked up the habit too. She did it deliberately, medical to teach me a lesson. She initially coughed and sputtered, but was soon puffing away, sometimes even in front of guests. Thank goodness we don’t yet have kids. Well her ploy worked, I quit in disgust. But now she still continues, even though I have stopped. She says she enjoys it now, and tells me I shouldn’t preach to her. How do I get her to quit? It really creeps me out when she comes to bed with her mouth stinking of tobacco.


Wilson S- Mapusa

Dear Wilson

It’s great she got you to quit smoking. Now to get her to quit.You could tell her that her breath stinks, and ask her friends to tell her so too. Now just because you quit smoking that doesn’t mean you are fit as a fiddle. You could both sign up at the local gym for classes or the nearest swimming pool for some quality swimming time together or just take a holiday out in the countryside. Once she feels the whoosh of clean fresh oxygen she may not need the nicotine any more. Don’t drive her away, make her feel loved. After all she took that drastic step because of you. Let this be a great chance to beef up your love life and make everything better. Tell her there are better things in life than smokes, like chocolate and sex. You will have do your bit to convince her on the latter.

  Dear Acaricia May

I  am a 55 years old male. My wife and I recently celebrated 25 years of marriage. The problem is that I don’t feel any love for her any more. I went through the whole fuss of a Silver Jubilee celebration, with a church mass and a dinner reception, but my heart was not really in it. I don’t know when exactly I stopped loving her, but we brought up the kids, they grew up and left and now we just live together mechanically. There is no other woman in my life. Life really seems mundane and boring to me now, and my wife irritates me.


James – Margao

Dear James

I wonder if your wife also feels the same way. Perhaps she doesn’t, she may actually love you very much. The fact that you have written about your feelings gives me hope that there is something that can work out here. There must be a spark remaining from your wedding day 25 years ago, when both of you were young and passionate. Take a holiday, chillout, treat yourselves to a good time. Both of you may have grown cranky over time, but crankiness as well as beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. Refresh, refresh! There’s still some juice left in both of you, both of you have to squeeze each other tight enough to find it. Now James, heres the tough part. Relationships can and do end. If you feel your’s must then Acaricia May does not sit in judgement if that is your choice.


Acaricia May 



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