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By Goa Streets | 09/10/2015
Issue No: 39 Vol No: 2 Date: Ovt 9, price 2015

Digital Goa

By Crespo D'Souza | 09/10/2015
The Sunny State’s Quest To Join The High Tech Revolution

Live Poets Society

By Karan Bhagat | 09/10/2015
You’ve Seen The Movie Dead Poets Society? Well This One’s Alive.


By Bina Datwani | 09/10/2015
Two Ice Cubes Of Absurd With A Dash Of No Fair

Piggy Moons By Kornelia Santoro | 09/10/2015

High-fiber shell with naughty filling

And, It’s A Wrap! Anything But Ordinary By Rahul Rivonkar |

Ever heard of a vehicle wrap? It’s better than a paint job, believe it or not! And now it’s in Goa for the first tim

Our Goa, Our Strays By Rishee Kwatra |

Compassion Vs. ApathyWhich will win?

Achies Art Gallery, Chandor By Swetlana Cardoso |

Art, After All, Is A Celebration Of The Human Spirit

“No Dolphin, No Money” By Sanket Sharma |

These Magnificent Sea Mammals Off Goa’s Coast Are In Danger.

It’s Time To GIVE BACK! By Goa Streets |

Do You Have a Pet Cause? Are You Fighting For A Better World? Do You Have A Project Aimed At Improving The Lives Of The
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