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Achies Art Gallery, Chandor

Art, After All, Is A Celebration Of The Human Spirit

With 16 months behind it and many more to come, the Achies Art Gallery in South Goa is a very special art centre that has distanced itself from all others in myriad ways, holding a unique advantage in location, space and vision. Situated just a few meters away from the famous Braganza house, this art home is housed in a Portuguese-styled villa which also hosts a winery, in addition to being a wedding venue!

There are sculptures of wood and stone, in addition to stunning paintings. The owner, Celio Mascarenhas, an artist himself, works on the sculptures, some of which are available at the venue. Paintings by famous Goan artists like Mohan Naik, Wilson D’Souza, Vijay Bhandare, Subodh Kerkar, Damodar Madgaonkar, Raj Bhandare, Karishma Alvares and Rudi D’Silva are displayed, too. Souvenirs of Mario Miranda, ceramic art of Macau, and some excellent examples of shell art are items that serve as perfect gifts or takeaways from a Goa visit. The space boasts a unique sensibility, largely due to its Indo-Portuguese structure and surroundings, causing Goans and visitors alike to fall in love once stepping in.

Having held its first successful show, “Beyond Images” earlier this January, the art gallery is on course with its next scheduled event coming soon. Stay tuned to this space for details! 

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