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And, It’s A Wrap! Anything But Ordinary

Ever heard of a vehicle wrap? It’s better than a paint job, stomach believe it or not! And now it’s in Goa for the first time.


Perhaps you want to give your car a sleek new look with a stealth black and carbon fiber finish. Or maybe a delightful new chrome exterior. Welcome to the unexplored but entirely terrific world of customized vehicle wraps. For both businesses and private clients, this is about finding an affordable way to make a change, create an impact and turn heads.

Picture this. You can transform your dull vehicle paintwork into a vivid new colour, revive the life of your car, van or bike, and make it shine like it has just left the showroom, even if the vehicle is 20 years old or more! Crazy, isn’t it? The folks at Wicked Wheels, using imported technology and unyieldingly committed to the highest global standards of excellence and professionalism, are ready to wrap your vehicle for you today. Goa Streets went down to the Wicked Wheels workshop to have a look and figure what they are really up to!

Jason Pramodhan, the Proprietor of Wicked Wheels, is a Certified Wrapper Trained by the global company Hexis. “We aim to meet and surpass all expectations and offer what we believe to be the best value for money in specialist car graphics and vehicle wraps.”

Let’s hear more from Jason.

Rahul Rivonkar: What is a car wrap anyway?

Jason Pramodhan: A simple sticker that covers the entire car externally, which would change the entire look. Vinyl wrapping can actually protect your current paint job from scrapes and scuffs, and unlike a re-spray, can easily be removed should you want to sell the vehicle or change to new colors or branding. Change it as and when you want without any hassles. Something that would cost a lot of money and time in a garage. Do something which makes your car stand out. Different types of material for vinyls you can opt for are standard glossy, matte textures, matte metallic, aluminium brush finish, vario-chrome, matte glitter, glossy glitter, etc. Avery, Hexis, 3M, Oracal, Arlon are the brands you need to look for.

RR: What’s involved in a vehicle wrap?

JP– It is very important to work with a branded material. The work environment should be dust free as the dust could get in between the material and car which could lessen strength and not give a smooth finish to the job. When a wrap job is done, the temperature of the vehicle should be 15-25 degrees. To achieve this, we ask the customers to drop the vehicle in the evening and we keep the car in our workshop with the AC switched on. We use wrapping based tools for the process. Dismantling (parts of) the vehicle is important as it improves the finish – elements like headlights, tail lights, bumpers, door handles, antenna, etc. Don’t worry, if we cannot dismantle your vehicle, we call the guys from the company workshop to do it for us. We have a cleaning process to remove dirt, tar, wax, etc. from the vehicle. After the car is cleaned and at the preferred temp (checked by laser temp gage), we start the wrap job. The wrap job is done on the second day and usually takes the entire day. We leave the car overnight in the AC so that the wrap settles well. And you can have the car back on the 3rd day. Let me add, we also offer a pick up and drop service for your vehicle.


RR: How much does a wrap cost?

JP: Probably the most important question. Various factors such as the size of the vehicle and also the type of texture selected. A basic BnW gloss wrap will cost you INR 150/Sq. Ft. whereas colours will cost you INR 180/Sq. Ft. If you like bling, you can also opt for chrome wrap which goes up to INR 430/Sq. ft. There’s a paint protection wrap (Body Fence) which would be water repellent & scratch proof, this would cost 340/Sq. ft. Apart from the cost of material used we charge INR 10-15k for application. An entire car wrap would cost INR 35k onwards (Branded material cost) whereas a non-branded would be INR 25k (Material cost). But again this depends on the quality and texture of the material used, and on the body size.

RR: What are the benefits of vinyl wrapping?

JP: There are many ways a wrap can benefit, the main ones being: Paint protection and possible increased residual resale value of your vehicle, quicker and cheaper than a re-spray, non-permanent colour means the vehicle can be returned to the factory OEM paint at any time. And well, a unique look for your vehicle! Companies who have a fleet of vehicles can get them branded with us, as we offer custom wraps as well.

RR: How long will the wrap stay on my vehicle?

JP: At least for three years, which depends on the care taken by you.

RR: Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?

JP: We’ll wash it even if it’s clean!

RR: If my vinyl car wrap graphics are damaged, can they be fixed?

JP: It’s very simple, we’ll take the panel or the part where it’s damaged and change it.

RR: How can I justify the cost of a vehicle wrap?

JP: Wrapping is for somebody who wants their vehicle to stand out. You would always pay for good quality stuff, right?

RR: Is it normal to have some wrinkles or bubbles?

JP: Not if it’s done the right way. When you see wrinkles or bubbles on your car it is when you have an inexperienced wrapper or low-quality wrap used.

RR: What is my warranty?

JP: One to three years depending on the brand you’ve used to wrap. We offer what the company offers.

RR: If I get a vinyl covering done on my car, won’t it devalue the resale value of my car?

JP: Absolutely not, in fact it would be the opposite. Anybody looking at purchasing a second hand car looks at any dent, paint or rust damages which wrap jobs prevent. Condition of the paint will remain as it was before wrapping the car. Of course, you shouldn’t dent it!

Address : Shop No.1/2/3/4, Verna Stay Inn, Lane Opposite Toyota Showroom, Verna Highway, Cortalim, Goa, India 403710
Contact: +91 70831 31985


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