Goa’s chess whizkids

By Ashley do Rosario | 13/06/2013
In laid-back Goa, even an elephant moves swiftly… on a chessboard that is. Goa has thrown up a number of young champions

Dempo & Armando

By Ashley do Rosario | 30/05/2013
All’s well that ends well There’s no more recognisable face in Goan football than Armando Colaço. Five I-League

Churchill make it again

By Ashley do Rosario | 16/05/2013
It couldn’t have come at a better time. The I-League triumph of Churchill Brothers extended Goa’s supremacy in the cou

Goan Lads Shine

By Ashley do Rosario | 04/04/2013
Barcelona Football What really forced everyone and sundry,  including the Catalan press, to go ga-ga over the Indian F

Lusofonia Games By Ashley do Rosario | 14/03/2013

A long race to a short finish line If you are a member of Goa’s sports fraternity – and even if you’re not –

Samba Soccer in Goa By Ashley do Rosario | 07/03/2013

For Antonio Fernandes, sildenafil now a thirteen-year-old from Santa Cruz, it could well have been the same old story as

Goa’s Tennis Prodigy By Ashley do Rosario | 28/02/2013

At 19, She Does Us Proud Natasha Palha received a tennis racket from an aunt on her 10th birthday – an event that trig

Churchill, Dempo By Ashley do Rosario | 21/02/2013

Goa’s best shots I-League Football to Goans, you could safely say, is like water to fish. That’s why thousands o

Failing our prodigies By Ashley do Rosario | 24/01/2013

Brandon Fernandes, ed 19, sale has achieved what no Goan footballer has ever done before. He has grabbed the attention o
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