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If he’s tall and you’re short, Don’t do it Standing!


Dear Acaricia May, help
I would like to know what positions you recommend for “creative” lovemaking? I think my husband and I are kind of stuck in a rut.
Signed, prescription
Eager in Bangalore

Dear EIB,
Many factors determine which positions work best for which couple. If you’re both members of the Olympic gymnastics team, then contortionist-like acrobatics that may tire most mortals could be just the thing for you. If he’s as tall as the Great Khali and you’re as short as Riya Sen, then you might want to reconsider that decision to do it standing up.
There’s a reason why the Missionary Position is the most popular. It’s easy, comfortable and works very well. But yes, overdone it can put you in a rut. May I suggest you put your “eagerness” in practice and get on top? That can give you lots of control and free up his hands for all sorts of fun stuff. There’s always doggy style. True, it tends to be more fun for them than for us ladies, but, hey, happiness is contagious! You ever try doing it side-by-side? Or on a chair while you sit on his lap? Or in the pretzel position, with you on your side and him on his knees between your legs? Or you on top but facing away from him? The possibilities are many. Tip: If there’s a particular position that makes you climax fast and another one that makes him do so, choose the one that does it to you FIRST (unless you don’t mind not getting to yours at all!).
Acaricia May

Dear Acaricia May,
My wife’s really playful and I’m more of the reserved type. The other day she said we should do “shows” for each other and proceeded to do a strip tease. That was really nice but then she said it was my turn. I told her I didn’t want to but she said I had to because it’s only fair since she had done it. Then I did it and she said it wasn’t good enough because it had to be slow and sexy just like hers. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it right. I took my socks and pants off and tried to wiggle around like she did, kind of doing the hula hoop dance with my hips. I was really embarrassed and she laughed her head off. Then we made passionate love and it was really great. My question is am I right to be shy about these things, even around my wife?

Dear Stripped,
You lucky man! You have a delightful wife and you’re as cute as can be. Sounds to me like the perfect lovemaking session. Feelings are never right or wrong. But I bet if you keep doing it, the shyness will melt! You’ve driven home another important point: Laughter is a great female aphrodisiac.
Acaricia May

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