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I offer you… myself!

Dear Goa Streets readers, vialis 40mg

Does your husband go straight for the butt and the boobs and forget to kiss your neck? Does your wife get gratuitous headaches at exactly the wrong time? Is sex for you a pain in the behind, order either figuratively or literally? Do you have too much of it on your mind and can’t think about anything else?

Come to me, symptoms beloved reader. Come to Acaricia May. I am here to guide and instruct, to assuage and admonish, to teach and advise. I will tell you how to heat up your love life if you’ve hit a dry spell – by wearing red toe nail polish and nothing else, for instance, or drawing a bubble bath after cooking her fetuccini. I will set you straight (if you prefer that orientation) when things go awry – say, by telling you to lose the boxers, get a baby sitter or not to lick like a dog. I will answer your questions when you find yourself clueless – perhaps by instructing you to ask what her favourite position is rather than buying her knee pads, or explaining that there are superior methods of foreplay than folding laundry.

My goal is to make your sex life – and by extension your life – better. So I will not mince words or be politically correct. Acaricia May believes there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Here’s an example. Wrong: Climax and forget about making sure your partner does, too. Right: Read the Kama Sutra together and perform the prescribed acts.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you there’s more to life than sex, because there isn’t. All of us are here because of it, and even test-tube conception requires a well-executed pleasure session. It’s the glue of a good relationship, the heart of sensual pleasure, the spice that stirs our souls and connects us to all living things. And at the end of the day, it’s in our heads as much as in our loins.

So this letter is an invitation to you. Write to me and tell me about your problems, your exploits, your desires and your feelings. Tell me what excites and what turns you off. Ask me what do to. Tell me your secrets.

Please don’t be intimidated by my responses. India is a free country so you are free to ignore what I say. I do hope, however, that you will be open and honest and tell me what you really feel. Just like in good sex, little is off-limits on this page. And like with good sex, feel free to lose your inhibitions when talking to Acaricia May!

So let’s get the ball rolling. Email me at, and let the sexy dialogue begin!


Acaricia May