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Films from Waste

By Jose Lourenco | 02/05/2013
Toothpaste tube Superhero fights Pet bottle Villain The film crew huddle around the set. A vampire-like bad guy is about

A 77-year old Konkani Warrior fights on

By Jose Lourenco | 25/04/2013
Antonio Piedade Moraes is well known by another name, pills one he has earned through decades of passionate work for his m


By Ashley do Rosario | 18/04/2013
This snake charmer has plans for your skin Beyond the climb that takes you to St. Xaviers College, there Mapusa is a slope

Women and mental illness

By Claron Fidelis Mazarello | 11/04/2013
Some have been beaten. Some are surrounded by loved ones but still feel deeply alone. Others have a chemical imbalance in

NoMoZo By Goa Streets | 04/04/2013

One day in Panjim, I witnessed a man in a fancy car stop right outside the entrance to ‘Bread and More’ and rush ins

Bookworm By Sujata Noronha | 28/03/2013

. . Driving Literacy with a Red Van  A red van laden with books rolls into the village amidst clouds of dust. A curly h

Stacy Steps into The Light By Daegal Godinho | 21/03/2013

Stacy Rodrigues with her painting ‘Lighthouse’ . Can beautiful art emerge from the brush of a young girl who

Caritas By Ashley do Rosario | 14/03/2013

Nurturing girls and boys Isabel, a hearing impaired girl barely into her teens, capsule needles fabric to learn the art

Bebook By Diviya Kapur | 07/03/2013

Bebook is a mobile library for disadvantaged children. Once a week, view volunteers visit various projects?a home for st

The Priest and his crop By Ashley do Rosario | 28/02/2013

Milking Plants for Diesel! Father Inacio Almeida is a Catholic priest. He’s also a fuel guru – a man whose passion i
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