Hot Streets

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    Picnics on the beach

    SATIRE Native Goans drinks local drinks . . “Order! Order in the court!” “But Your Honour, viagra 60mg there is no disturbance.” “I know. I

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    Jadoo Mantar

    SATIRE The new mantra of governance Eyebrows were raised all over the State of Goa on Wednesday when Chief Minister Mr Hardehar Puroikar suddenly fired

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    Millions and a mart

    Yes, order everyone shops. Even one of the world’s largest retailers Walmart has its own shopping list and even a credit card limit. For their

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    Street People: D.B. Marg

    Goa’s first chief minister Dayanand Bandodkar would not have known this was coming. Credited with triggering an elementary education revolution in Goa, discount Bandodkar has

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