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What’s Molecular Gastronomy?

Liquid nitrogen kulfis with assorted flavours

Ask Alila Diwa Goa!

Perhaps none of us should be particularly surprised that one of the most interesting food concepts to hit Goa in recent memory has come from the folks at Alila Diwa Goa, the resort in South Goa that prides itself on creativity.

Enter Molecular Gastronomy, prostate also known as modernist cuisine, also known as culinary physics, also known as multi-sensory cooking.

A sub-discipline of food science, molecular gastronomy investigates the chemical and physical changes of ingredients that happen in cooking, taking advantage of innovations from science. It’s a popular part of the haute cuisine scene in many parts of the world, made famous by renowned chefs such as Heston Blumenthal (Master Chef Australia fans will recognize the name immediately!).

This past month, Alila Diwa has brought the experience to Goa, with a molecular gastronomy festival at their restaurant Spice Studio. Between the 8th and 17th of May, guests indulged in a five-course molecular gastronomy affair blending physics and chemistry, resulting in completely new and utterly appealing tastes and textures. The experience was shepherded by Indian Specialty Chef Bharath Bhat, who takes his inspiration from Blumenthal but came up with the utterly original idea of applying the modern concepts to Indian food. Yes, some may see this as a kind of defiance of culinary tradition, but the dishes were tantalizing and the revolution welcome.

Ginger infused, vacuum pressed watermelon carpaccio with spiced coriander and peanut pesto, smoked with cherry wood copy

Ginger infused, vacuum pressed watermelon carpaccio with spiced coriander and peanut pesto, smoked with cherry wood

Bharath brings with him more that 12 years of experience, having worked with international properties like the Armani Hotel, Dubai and the St Regis in Mauritius, amongst others.

Guests were invited to watch as the chef matched ingredients and created perfectly balanced dishes, showcasing innovative flavours, textures, aromas, shapes and colors, embracing the sensory with the artistic, social and technical.

Among the items on the menu were Deconstructed Paani Puri, Prawn Rechead with Coconut Foam, Char Grilled Black Chicken with 24 Carat Gold, Liquid Nitrogen Kulfis and a host of other gastronomical inventions.

Laal Paani with Coriander Mist copy

Laal Paani with Coriander Mist

This radical and modern culinary twist offered by Spice Studio was nothing short of exquisite. Let’s hope we see more of it at Alila Diwa Goa in the months ahead.

For Reservations at Spice Studio: 0832 274 6800.