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The Lowdown

Now we’re rocking! A month into this new adventure called Goa Streets, find we’re very proud to be hitting our stride in many ways. We said we’d be the go-to place for readers to know what to do, see and eat in Goa every week. Now we’re doing our best to take that even further. If you look closely at our listings, you will see entries for scuba diving, spice farms, music classes, dolphin tours, a sound and light museum, a formal ball, jazz performances and much more. If an event is fun, interesting or noteworthy in any other way, you will see it on our pages.

This is true not just in this print edition, but on our website as well. We invite everyone to visit to see everything that’s on these pages, plus many extras.

Take our cover story on jazz, for instance. Here we spell out the argument that nowadays the true jazz capital of India is Goa. When you log onto our site, you will be treated not just to the story, but to an actual Goan jazz performance! We invite you to read our story on Devidas Gaonkar, a one-time school dropout who now devotes his energies to chronicling the oral stories of his native Velip tribe. On, you can not onl