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The Only Family Spa

What makes the largest spa chain in Goa so special? To find out, here’s a Question & Answer session with Tatva Elements Spa owners Anubhav Verma and Asha Arondekar, who are bringing the spa experience in Goa to a whole new level.

Q: Let me ask you what everyone would like to know. How did Tatva Elements Spa come into existence?

A: We realised that if one needed to visit a Spa, they would either have to compromise and visit the expensive spas in star hotels or sneak into one at various nooks and corners. We wanted to create a family spa where the entire family could walk in without hesitation. Thus was Tatva born with the tagline “The only family Spa”, aiming not just at tourists but also to give the Goans a fabulous spa experience.

Q: What is the USP of Tatva Elements Spa?

A: It is not one single thing which is unique about our spas. It is the whole experience which is derived from little things which make it happen. We offer small things like the post-treatment lounge room, where the guest relaxes before entering the daily routine. All our spas look the same once you enter but have unique therapies offered at various outlets. We offer an Ancient String Massage at Panjim. We have a swimming pool attached at Calangute. We have a full-fledged salon attached at Margao. We have AC tents by the sea shore at Ashwem, and Ayurveda rituals at Candolim, amongst others.


Anubhav Verma




Q: You expanded real quickly to be the largest spa chain of Goa. How do you manage the business side of things?

A: Truly speaking we took our time for expansion. It didn’t happen in days or weeks, but in the past two years we’ve been able to expand to about 10 spas. We really wanted to be sure of ourselves, that we would be able to handle the expansion especially in terms of staff and training, which are of utmost importance. We ensured we have enough trained people and in-house trainers with decades of experience to fall back on.


Asha Arondekar


Q: So now that you have started expansion, where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?

A: We see ourselves as an international organisation with a pan-India presence. The aim is to have at least 200 spas in the next 5 years. We are sure this would be a milestone for a Goan organisation.


Q: Spas in Goa are not looked upon as a great place to visit by people looking for professional spa. What is your take on it?

A: The very fact that our tagline is “the only family spa” makes us ensure that we offer a professional spa experience. Right from the induction and training of staff to the regular mystery Audits that we conduct help us regularly to keep ourselves in check. We also take preventive steps like the display at our reception lounge to avoid customers who are not looking for a professional spa.


Q: What message do you want to send to your clients?

A: For us it’s about the details, and the care and attention we give. We make sure that everyone who comes to our spas has a delightful, exceptional experience.