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Sushi Food Festival at HQ

Ori at The HQ, Vasco’s only four star hotel is celebrating the glory of all that is Sushi, with the Sushi Food Festival. Corporate Chef Raj and his team have been pulling out all the stops in bringing to the table all the exotic flavours from the east. With rice, vegetables and fish forming the mainstay of Japanese cuisine, Corporate Chef Raj points out that there is an underlying similarity to food all over the Orient which is why there is such acceptance of Japanese food in India.  Japanese food uses very little fat and has subtle flavours and is favoured all over the world.

“We are trying to popularize the cuisine” says F&B Manager Francisquito Olmak D’Souza . We think it should be for a wider audience and not just limited to the high-end class. Sushi is not only for the adventurous eater. Sushi comes in many forms and did not originate in Japan. Sushi wasn’t always raw either. The myth that all Sushi is raw originates from a technique that was used to preserve raw fish by wrapping it in soured fermented rice in China in the 17th century. The rice was then thrown away and the fish eaten. Before it moved and found it’s home in Japan as a popular “fast food” item the fish was combined with raw ingredients and eventually raw ingredients were introduced. In fact Sushi as we know it today wasn’t around until the 19th century made popular by the much loved by Sushi lover the “nigiri sushi” – a small mound of packed rice with a piece of raw fish draped over it – was popular among street vendors for the ease of preparation.

The sushi available at The HQ, at their Pan Asian Cuisine specialty restaurant, Ori the Sushi Festival offers a range of typical three categories: the nigiri sushi mentioned above, maki-sushi, and uramaki.  The biggest difference between maki and uramaki sushi is the location of the rice.  In maki-sushi, meaning “roll sushi,” the rice is located inside of the nori (the green seaweed based covering.)  Uramaki, meaning “inside out sushi” the rice is located on the outside of the nori. The veritable range of tastes and flavours are predominant in the selection that is on offer to savour.

Food aficionados can enjoy the Sushi Food Festival at The HQ from 15th March onwards and will be available for both lunch and dinner.

Call 7709003237 for reservations. 


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