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Quan Spa at the Marriott

Pure Water, Pure Body & Soul

With the opening of the Quan Spa, sales a world-renowned brand that promises a whole new world of spa & wellness treatments, the hotel has completed the last leg of an extensive renovation and is now the Goa Marriott Resort & Spa. Quan, a Chinese word that literally means ‘a source of pure water’ represents a spa that seeks to provide a path to wholeness and well-being, while embracing the time-honored healing practices of its local culture. The Quan Spa has 4 individual treatment rooms and 1 couple treatment room with a bath tub. All the rooms feature a relaxing sofa, shower cubicle and rest rooms. There is also a steam room, chilled showers and a Jacuzzi; a brand new Fitness Centre (gymnasium) and a Kids Club as part of the recreational facilities.

Who has designed the Spa

The architect responsible for the creative thought process and design inputs is Barry Withington of Island Design Studio Ltd. which is based in Hong Kong. The design was conceptualized with inputs from the management and owners of the hotel. The process took into account Marriott International’s global spa standards and infused a touch of the local culture.

The fundamental concept of Goa Marriott’s Quan Spa is based on the five great elements – Earth (Ira), Water (Jal) Air (Vayu), Fire (Tejas) and Wind (Akash). This theme is predominant in the décor of the spa and the five treatment rooms are also named after these elements. There is also an attempt to create positive energy in the treatment room by having Tibetan singing bowls and raw crystals placed in strategic locations of the treatment rooms. Elemental based unique music for each treatment room and public areas like the relaxation lounge is the other signature feature.

Thought process behind the spa

The brief was to extend the existing Spa facility and raise the standards to meet Marriott Quan Spa status. There is now an expanded reception area with lounge seating and several retail displays showcasing Marriott’s unique spa product range. Existing changing areas have been fully renovated and upgraded to now include steam rooms, cold drench showers and an increased number of lockers. Another new addition is the relaxation room, where guests can recline in armchairs whilst watching TV or gazing over the private garden. Five new stand alone treatment rooms have been added, each one with large bathroom, dedicated treatment area and secluded relaxation zone with private outdoor terrace.


Materials & color palette used

Natural materials have been used wherever possible and the colours are neutral, calm and subdued. Fabrics have subtle floral or leaf patterns, or simply rely on colour and texture to give a natural feel. A combination of light and dark timber has been used throughout the spa, with natural stone counters and ceramic tiles in off-white and neutral tones.

The color palette is largely earthy; while contrasting colors feature in some areas, the treatment rooms have neutral colors for a soothing effect and a contemporary feel. In public areas we have used a dull golden finish to elevate the classy vibe. As for material, wood predominates, again to broaden the earthy feel while the furniture is finished in leather and natural fabric.


Our 8 therapists have been trained in all Western, Oriental and Indian therapies. They are also certified in Thalgo La Beaute Marine- France. We have a waiting area where you are greeted at the beginning of your spa experience with a welcome drink and a wet towel as well as a relaxation lounge where you can complete your spa experience amidst tasting detoxifying teas.

‘Goan Magic’ is the signature treatment of Quan- Goa. Western, Indian and Oriental methodologies come together to synthesize this signature massage. With long loopy movements, the masseur expertly channels toxins and other harmful elements out of the body. Body and mind strike a fine resonance induced by the smooth application of a hot herbal compress and oil, to attain the state of wellbeing.

Another signature package is the ‘Celebration Wedding Ritual’ which is a program of relaxation inducing spa treatments (steam, body polish, aroma fusion massage, facial, milk bath) taken together in the comfort, privacy and luxury of our Couple’s Room to calm pre-wedding stress (or take some time out together for a post-reception break).