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Moments in Time Captured in Masks

Ismail Khayat


The exhibition with artists Ismail Khayat and Mahamadad Hashim from Kurdistan titled ‘Masks and More’ along with Goan artist Yolanda Souza’s paintings titled  ‘Unmasked, medicine ’  previewed at Yolanda Studio Galeria on 18th March.

Ismail Khayat, known as the “grandfather of Kurdish Art,’ comes from the Iraqi section of Kurdistan. Teaching art for many years, this famous artist portrays the turmoil of his country. A former minister of Art & Culture in Kurdistan, he’s responsible for many of the art projects in his part of the world.

In February 2013, he spent a fortnight in Goa at the international artists camp, “Save Your Planet” organized by Sweden’s Tellus Art in collaboration with the Department of Art & Culture, at Stone-Water Eco Resort  at a beach south of Bogmallo.

He paints on paper, canvas, wood and stones. He selects a stone in whichever country he lands and converts it into an article of beauty, with a message – “Peace for Kurdistan”, for instance – written on it. At one point, he painted a whole mountainside in Kurdistan with a message of peace, influencing his nation’s history. He exhibits masks made with chalk and plaster in 3 D imagery – wall hanging sculptures depicting agony, pain and the atrocities of war.

Mahamadad Hashim, known as Hama to  the art world,  was born in Koya and lives and works in Arbil, south Kurdistan. His watercolour on paper depicts memories of faded clothes, when bodies from mass graves were excavated.

“We want our ideas looked at, want our intense feeling to be experienced by the viewers, and bond with us in our colour and technique. We also want to establish a relationship between our countries – and are very happy for the opportunity to have this exhibition”, said Ismail.


Hama Hashim


Yolanda Souza’s iconic style and intense textures, blending bright and somber colours, portray Portuguese gentry in semi abstraction, in flamboyant and sensitive scenarios.

She chose these artists to exhibit with because, like her, they both have expression – ‘from the heart to the canvas,’ and both work on masks.  ‘My work almost always is about a Goa I knew, the innocent Goa I am losing.  Goans were special, giving and forgiving. Not anymore, one can’t hide behind masks in today’s Goa”, she opines. The 45 works on display speak without words.


Mahamadad Hashim, Yolanda and Ismail Khayat


On exhibit till 25th March at Yolanda Studio Galeria – Art Chamber, Calangute.


Taverna Patron 2014 – Yolanda