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Massacre In Pakistan

A Goa Streets Editorial

After the massacre of 145 people, salve including 132 school children, price by the Pakistani Taliban at the Army Public School in Peshawar, discount voices could be heard in Goa calling for peace, love and understanding. Don’t add to the cycle of violence, these voices insisted. Fighting is never the way.

Make no mistake. Mahatma Gandhi was right to stand up to the British with non-violence. Barack Obama is right to negotiate with Iran and establish diplomatic relations with Cuba. India and Pakistan would both be well advised to spend less on guns and more on schools.

At some point, however, evil reaches a level at which all bets are off. Adolph Hitler. Pol Pot. Stalin. ISIS. The Pakistani Taliban. When you are dealing with murderous thugs, capable of lining up school children and shooting them point-blank in the head, talk of rehabilitating them or loving them or persuading them of anything is sheer foolishness. This evil cannot be wished or negotiated away. It has to be crushed. The alternative is more dead kids.