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Hooka Lounge at The Clematis

You Don’t Want to Miss This One!

If you’re hooked on hookas, or even if you’re not but still love an occasional drag, there’s now a hooka destination in Goa that’s well worth your while. This is for people who appreciate flavour and love to sit back and truly relax. If you’re an unabashed hooka aficionado like I am, you might be getting bored with some of the same-old same-old flavours that abound in the state. Happily for all of us HL’s (hooka lovers), the hooka lounge at The  Clematis – the luxury resort just off the Candolim beach – does away with the boredom by offering unique and exciting hooka flavours, a poolside view and lip-smacking food. The hooka lounge is built over two floors, with the ground level boasting a fabulous bar with tall chairs and the upper floor all set for lounging, with comfortable floor seating and an incredible view. Not just that, you can also order the hookah while dining or having drinks at Aqua Maritime or Ocean Bar and Grill. Here you can find exotic flavours like Bob Marley, BMW, Soex, Silver fox, guava and the regulars like Paan Ras, Bombay Paan Ras, Lemon, Mint, Double apple, chocolate and many more.