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Go an’ Shave

The Syndicate


A Wonderful Fun-filled Event To Help Kids with Cancer.

GO AN’ SHAVE, health our Annual Cancer Fundraiser, happens this weekend, for underprivileged kids in Goa with cancer.

The event takes place on Saturday the 15th and Sunday 16th March, 2014 at THE BACKYARD, SANGOLDA from 10am to 10pm each day.

Go an’ Shave Again is a fun event for a great cause!

Any excuse to have fun is a great idea, and even better if it helps others. Thousands of people all over the world have shaved or coloured their hair to help people with cancer.

Our first Go an’ Shave was 27th of January, 2013, at Cafe La Musica, Baga. We had a blast! The day was a huge success. A whole lot of truly wonderful people volunteered – our hosts and staff at Cafe La Musica, musicians, hair stylists, photographers, friends who shaved, coloured or braided their hair, friends who sponsored the shaves/colours and braids, loads of generous, big hearted people who gave of their time and talents, gratis

Five underprivileged families in Goa, who have family members coping with cancer, had their lives made easier in 2013, THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY OF MANY LOVELY, CARING FRIENDS WHO MADE GO AN’ SHAVE 2013 HAPPEN!

Now, it’s time for Go an’ Shave AGAIN!

This time the shave sponsorships collected will go to underprivileged children in Goa with cancer.





1000 to 1045 – DJ Wayne Taylor with Wayne’s World Music
1100 to 1145 – Yograj Naik (Sitar) and Surjit Thali (Tabla)
1200 to 1245 – Electric Pulse
1300 to 1345 – Saazish, a Musical Conspiracy
1400 to 1445 – Bindoo Babas
1500 to 1545 – GnR – Gwendolyn and Rahul
1600 to 1645 – Sigmund & The Sunshine Band
1700 to 1745 – Jacques De Kera
1800 to 1845 – The Bim Bam Project – Coco Schriewer and Christian P Marwitz
1900 to 1945 – The Banjara Quartet
2000 to 2045 – Shakti – Amalia Messina and Bianca
2100 to 2200 – The Syndicate



1000 to 1045 – DJ Vinoo (Sega Samuel)
1100 to 1145 – Acoustic Sunlight – Anselm Francis and Roddy
1200 to 1245 – Talking Drums – Carlos Gonsalves and Alexis Reed
1300 to 1345 – Varun Carvalho and Joanne Fernandes
1400 to 1445 – Jan-Jan Jaani and Elvis Lobo
1500 to 1545 – Shift it Baby
1600 to 1645 – Natalie Matos and Band
1700 to 1745 – Rainbow Factory – Vivek Philip, Joe Ferrao, Croydon D’souza
1800 to 1845 – Kundalini Airport (Band)
1900 to 1945 – Sissi Perlinger
2000 to 2045 – Marina Xavier and Carlos Camacha with Rhys Sebastian Dsouza
2100 to 2200 – Indiva


We also have Indian classical dancers, belly dancers, fire dancers, and aerial dancers to entertain Goanshavers 🙂

There will be stalls with clothes, jewellery and accessories made by underprivileged women and children from the slums in Goa.

There will also be caricature artists, photographers, couchsurfing volunteers, family and friends, loads of caring, generous people giving of their time and talents gratis for the cause.

Tara Trust, an NGO from Benaulim, Goa, with wonderful caring volunteers, will have fun workshops for children. (Tara Trust works closely with us at “Happy Karma Now!”, participating in our efforts to help slum kids and old age homes in Calangute, Goa.) There will be face painting and art classes, crafts, all in all, a fun time!

We also have loads of generous, big hearted people here in Goa and the rest of India who have donated loads of great stuff for us to auction for the cause…. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED.

The Backyard, Goa has an interesting menu to choose from, a happy mix of Goan, Indian cuisine, and BBQs, and we have loads of “well-wishers” who have donated many good spirits – Feni being top of the list. Goa has Geographical Index for this wonderful spirit, and we promote it wholeheartedly at Go an’ Shave, our fun fundraiser for Cancer.

OUR MANE EVENT, (pun intended!), at Go an’ Shave each year, IS THE SHAVE – we have loads of great guys and gals willing to shave and be shaved for the cause and many talented shavers, hairstylists, braiders, and colourists who come in and give of their time and talents gratis each year.

We would love to list all of our sponsors, supporters and volunteers here; HAPPILY, THERE ARE SO MANY! – but that would make this marathon note even longer, so we will just say a HUGE BIG THANK YOU TO ALL ! In advance of Go an’ Shave Again!


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