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First BSB. Now SOMA

Thank you Prahlad and Sabreen!

“We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, store the Gods discovered.”

The aforementioned quotation from the Rigveda clearly illustrates the divine spirit attached to Soma, the drink of Gods. We humans might not be able to fully capture the vibe that surrounds its being, but we can come close enough. And the first step is to appreciate wine. Very good wine. Fortunately, we have expert help from the innovative founders of the Black Sheep Bistro (the new but deservedly famous restaurant we now all know as BSB) to help us along on our wine journey. Prahlad and Sabreen Sukhtankar will be the first to tell you that it’s not about the label, but the quality. Not about the price, but the depth and bouquet and easiness on the palate. Welcome to Soma, an exclusive club for wine lovers. And that it’s being launched by the creators of BSB should tell you something immediately. Why? Because these folks in just a few short months have come up with a restaurant that would easily hold its own in Paris or New York or London – right here in the heart of Panjim. So it’s fair to assume their wine club will be equally worthwhile.

We’re not kidding, folks. This is the real deal.

At Soma, you can not only taste wines from all across the world but also savour some locally sourced varieties based on their acidity, tannin, sweetness, fruit and body. From the variety of grapes used to make certain kinds of wines to the selection of wines that are best paired with certain foods, you’ll thank Soma for the lessons learned and experiences had. From Shiraz to Carbenet Sauvignon to Merlot to Chardonnay, Soma is a place to experience the joy of wine. Being able to interact with Prahlad, a well-established wine connoisseur, is an unmistakable bonus – as is the ability to savour the tapas of BSB while sipping the wine. Oh… and thank you Sabreen for the intimate yet subtle hospitality you provide at every turn!