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Falon D’Cruz

‘I love the freedom we have in Goa’ – Falon D’Cruz

Goa Streets meets up with fashion designer Falon D’Cruz (25) from Guirim, Mapusa.


What is unique in Falon D’Cruz’s designs, something you consider to be your trademark?

FALON: I try and incorporate lace as much as I can into my work. For me, lace is classy, timeless and can go from feminine to edgy with the right accessories and attitude. I love mixing something edgy with something feminine. My USP would have to be the evening gowns I design. I love working with soft-looking structured silhouettes that enhance the feminine features of a woman.  My shows are varied depending on the events they are held at. For the Navy Queen Pageant 2012, the contestants opened in corsets designed by me. Then, for the Grape Escapade 2013, the collection was of a Vineyard wedding theme; which meant gowns in colors of wine.

What has been your experience at fashion shows so far? Any slip ups or goof ups you learnt from?

FALON: I’m one of those designers who happen to be into backstage management too. In that respect, I find it really easy to envision changes in the music and how the entire show will shape up. Goof ups will always happen at any event, no matter how much planning goes into it. More than anything, I’ve learnt to stay focused on the bigger picture and to overlook the little things.

Are you into any other ventures besides being a fashion designer?

FALON: Before I started off as a full-fledged designer, I was already a partner in a fashion firm called uCherry; where we organize fashion shows, fashion shoots, wedding photography. Basically anything and everything related to fashion. It’s wonderful having two businesses that are so closely linked. It is stressful no doubt, but the satisfaction is immense. It gives me a certain amount of freedom to take off now and then for a short holiday.

What does Goa as a place have to offer to your styles at work and lifestyles in general?

FALON: I love Goa. Besides being ‘home’, it’s a wonderful place to be inspired by. Unfortunately, Goa has relatively little to offer in terms of material and accessories for a designer. It becomes a little difficult when you have to keep going elsewhere to source out fabrics, embellishments and that sort. With the amount of designers springing up all over Goa, it would be fabulous to have bigger retailers for fabrics and such.
I personally love the freedom we have in Goa when it comes to dressing up and being able to express oneself with clothes and accessories. It is easy to pick up trends and try new styles in here. I think the reason is largely due to the diverse cultures. Our level of acceptance is superb.

With competition hovering around and the need to keep re-inventing yourself, where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

FALON: Competition will always be around; though for me, it acts as a motivating factor. As clichéd as it sounds, I believe the key is to believe in what you do and always stay focused on the bigger picture. I can’t really imagine the scene 10 years from now, but I’d like to become a brand that people trust and appreciate for quality of work and design.

I am sure you have a living inspiration you look up to as your role model.

FALON: I love Alexander McQueen. His brand has the most interesting blend of edgy-meets-feminine-meets-futuristic; and yet it all manages to look so classy. Manish Arora is another favorite with his quirky designs. As far as a role model goes, I wouldn’t say I aspire to be like one person in particular. There are a lot of people from whom I have learnt different things and it has all shaped me into the person I’ve become today.

What do you do when you’re not designing?

 FALON: I’m easily bored and I need constant entertainment. I love going out. Sitting at    home, for me, is far from fun. I tried my hand at baking recently; it’s not the best idea when you end up eating everything you’ve baked though! A huge part of my day goes into my work. So, by the time I’m home, I’m usually surfing the net or flipping though a magazine. I do love window shopping, more so when I travel.