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How Drums Can Soothe Your Psyche

Drum Therapy in Progression


Are you ready for a joyful celebration of rhythm? Group drumming can be a fun and effective way to reduce stress, connect with oneself and others, live in the moment, and build musical skills. Arthur Fernandes’ Drum Circle makes drumming engaging, accessible, and meaningful for all ages, all levels. Don’t worry if you don’t have an instrument. A large selection of drums and percussion instruments are provided. And you are welcome to bring your own instruments if you wish.

A Drum Circle is any group of people who come together to play Hand Drums, Djembe’s / African conga’s, Frame Drums and other percussion instruments to make music. People with no experience or training can join in. It is a fun entry-level learning experience accessible to anyone who wants to participate. The goal is not precise rhythmic articulation or perfection of patterned structure; it’s an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. If you are the sort of person to whom words do not come easily, drumming may be your mode of communication.

Drum Circles provide a menu of interactive drumming programs to suit your needs. It’s team building, stress-relief, and hands-on entertainment—rolled into one! The police, ministers, faculty of schools and colleges, corporate middle and senior management and students too can participate. It can be integrated with music, dance, plays, fine art, and concerts, at Annual Day functions and community festivals.

Drum Circles provide rejuvenating health rhythms with group drumming sessions for mind-body wellness and personal growth. They stimulate the immune system, physical activity, and mind-body awareness. They help to strengthen team bonds, relieve stress, relax and re-energe.


Arthur Fernandes is a musician and psychologist. He graduated in Abnormal and Developmental Psychology, and completed his his Masters in Industrial Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune. Having developed a fondness for music since he was six, rhythm has stayed with him. Through school and college, Arthur featured at National level competitions. He’s got national level certificates in Fine Art, and as an outstanding contributor and performer of music from Fergusson College. He has been involved in developing organizational skills, cultural programs, and soft skills connected with the University of Pune.

Trained by Arthur Hall to become a Drum Circle Facilitator, Arthur played an integral role in the Human Resource and Employee Relations Department at Infosys. He handled one of their largest profiles. Responsible for Employee Engagement, Employee Assistance, Employee Emergencies / Health Management, and Employee Induction for over 5000 employees in the BPO sector, Arthur has managed large events on a  ‘zero’ budget.

With his years of experience in music, Arthur believes in the healing powers of music. He uses music in his counseling sessions, workshops and motivational talks. He is a certified Arts Based Therapist. He facilitates Drum Circles on small and large scales for communities, NGOs, schools, universities, institutes and corporates across India.

As a certified Arts Based Therapist, he has previously worked as a Counselor at St. Andrews School, Pune, and offers his services helping NGO’s to conduct Life Skills Training Programs, workshops and sessions on Motivation, Confidence Building, Decision Making, and Sex Education in schools and colleges across Pune, Mumbai and Goa. He is a guest faculty at Indira Institute of Management and PimpriChinchwad Engineering College, Pune, and teaches students for the MBA in Human Resources course. A regular invitee to conduct sessions on Motivation, Handling Emotions, and Thinking Out of the Box by Sophia College Mumbai, and many schools in Goa, Arthur is a life coach and emotional intelligence trainer.

A Board Trustee and Director of Resource Mobilization for an NGO, The Academic Advisors, Arthur also practices as a counsellor and an Arts Based Therapist at his own clinic. As a trained psychologist with in-depth insights into the human psyche, Arthur occasionally assists the police in solving cyber crime cases.


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