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Delicious Food With ‘Love’

It’s monsoon, and The Park at Calangute welcome their guests with an all new Monsoon Menu in their “LOVE’’ restaurant.

The well designed new Monsoon Menu is just “Neuro- Gastronomic” which is focused on flavors, looks, appearance with tastes and temperature.

Starting with the Goan version of Cold Soup with Tomato, Kokum, Red Pepper and Herbs-KOKUM GAZPACHO – was served in attractive tube bottles which gave a beautiful appearance.

Pork Vindaloo Calzone -Stuffed Pizzas with spicy Goan Pork curry and Mozzarella and Dill Salmon Tikka -tandoor cooked Marinated Salmon were the other attractive dishes on the menu.

Health Salad with  Marinated Feta, Broccoli, Borlotti Beans, Cherry Tomato and Salad Greens, Salsa Verde Dressing were really healthy and tasty.

The main speciality in the new menu was NIHARI AUSTRALIAN LAMB CHOPS WITH NOISETTE POTATOES with an Indo Australian twist and Paneer Khubani – dish stuffed with cottage cheese with apricorts, cardamom and spices in a tomato based gravy was the main atttraction in the vegetarian section.

Chef Kapil made it a point to include Goan Tiffin with Goan fish curry rice, fried fish , Kismur , seasonal vegetables and kokam kadi and a veg meal namely  Love Special Vegetarian Tiffin with all veg special thali.

Desserts section was filled with Love The Sundae  (Ice Creams With Dodol,Macaroon And Strawberry Coulis),

Bebinca Flambe (Goan Layered Dessert Flambeed With Dark Rum Served With Vanilla Ice Cream) and

The Park Banoffie Pie (English Dessert Pie Made From Bananas,Cream And Caramelized Milk)

Chef Sharad Dewan,Regional Director-Food Production, the Park Hotels  ensured the new Monsoon menu  is truly Neuro- Gastronomic with  flavors, appearance and taste.




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