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Goa can now Pour Good Fun

Two entities, Walrus India and Eagle Wines Pvt Ltd have combined their common passion for wines to bring quality Red Wines for the Indian domestic market and the International market. These wines have been crafted and made from grapes like Carbernet Sauvignon, Zinfandal and Shiraz and are being produced at Nashik by a highly qualified professional team with a single minded objective of bringing the best to the consumers. The wines are named – Anito Rino Red, Puneta Red and Puneta Shiraz.

The wines are made along the Beglan-Kalvan region which is known to have the best wine grape in the Girana valley area. It has the most favored climatic conditions for the grapes and is renowned for the depth, complexity and flavor the conditions bring to the final product.


Anito Rino Red

Anito Rino Red is a lovely blend of Carbernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. It contains 13% alcohol and is best served between 12 to 18 degree celsius.


Puneta Shiraz

Puneta Shiraz is made from pure Shiraz grape. It contains 12.5% alcohol and is best served between 12 to 18 degree celsius.


Puneta Red

Puneta Red is a cool blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. It contains 12% alcohol and is best served at 12 to 18 degree celsius.


The makers truly believe that drinking wine needs the right setting, so they insist on pairing these wines with a dish of red meat, ham, veg or non-veg Indian dishes. They also recommend music to make the experience more pleasurable.

Goa can now enjoy these lovely red wines that are sure to live up to the taste of local goans, foreign and indian tourists. The pairing of these wines with Goan and Portuguese cuisine is a little more than ecstatic.

Walrus India and Eagle Wines believe that wine is a little more than just a drink. It’s what people seek. Its a symbol of happiness, togetherness and celebration. Their endeavor is to advocate wine as an avenue to mindfully enjoy life. To that end they hold close the idea to strive and make their work a compassionate part of their day to day life. They believe that one needn’t look too far for a reason to be happy.

Whether it’s soaking the sun by the beach, a dance at the pub, a karaoke night, or a party at home, what ever be your idea of fun, don’t forget to pour some.


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