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The Park welcomes the season with ‘Love’ and ‘Peace’

LOVE the restaurant

Love restaurant is blend of new world cuisine that experiments with techniques and ideas from different countries. The concept is an elite bistro where one gets a generous portion with a twist. Each dish is linked with different condiments such as plum chutney, figs and apple chutney, onion relish, pickled eggplant, marinated salami, marinated halumi and bocconcini, cucumber relish. The cuisine can be described as Multi style cooking from grilling to braising, using fresh ingredients and combining them with regional dishes to present it in an elite contemporary fashion.

Some of the unique delicacies Chef Kapil has created are Herbal Tobacco smoked chicken and star anise soup, Duck confit and orange salad with cafreal vinaigrette, marinated stuffed artichokes pakoras with tangy relish, drunken spare ribs, Braised duck and chorizo samosa, dill pesto salmon tikka, shrimp pesto pulao, fresh tagliatelle with Mediterranean lamb meat balls and the list goes on. Excellent desserts specials include custard apple rabri and faldhari kebab with saffron crème.

PEACE the Bar
The bar under the white dome, located above the restaurant, offers spectacular beach & sea views.

Our bar menu is as electric as the surroundings. It is combines Passion, Enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Using premium quality spirits in our drinks with fresh fruits, fresh fruit purees and our own version of atomic and molecular cocktails, we make your drinks
just as they should be!

We offer soul-stirring entertainment from a variety of genres. Here’s our

current lineup:

The Bikini brunch is all about enjoying, relaxing and having fun. Get into your bikini & take a dip in the Arabian sea or the pool, while enjoying great food and drink.


NUSI-Wockhardt says ‚ÄėHave a Heart-Healthy¬†Environment‚Äô on World Heart Day

Every year World Heart Day is¬†celebrated on September 29th,¬†this year NUSI-Wockhardt¬†Hospital, Goa focussed on creating hearthealthy¬†environments by ensuring that¬†people are able to make heart-healthy¬†choices wherever they live, work and play. ¬†This year NUSI-Wockhardt Hospitals,¬†Goa have come forward to spread the¬†message of having a ‚ÄėHealthy Heart‚Äô.¬†Present during the announcement was¬†Dr.Anuj Tiwari-Centre Head, NUSI –¬†Wockhardt Hospital, Goa alongwith¬†Dr.Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay
‚Äď Cardiologist, NUSI – Wockhardt¬†Hospital, Goa and Stanley Thomas, El¬†Shaddai Charitable Trust.

Speaking about this awareness¬†initiative for the society, Dr.Anuj Tiwari,¬†Centre Head, NUSI-Wockhardt Hospital,¬†Goa, said, ‚ÄúWorld Heart Day‚Äô is the day to¬†spread the message of having a ‚ÄėHearthealthy¬†environment‚Äô which is this¬†year‚Äôs theme by World Heart Federation.¬†Wockhardt group is well known for¬†delivering quality medical care across¬†all the hospitals and providing expert¬†consultation. The places in which we live,¬†work and play should not increase our risk¬†of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However,¬†individuals cannot frequently make hearthealthy¬†choices due to environmental¬†factors, such as the availability of healthy¬†food or smoke-free zones. An occasion¬†like this gives us a chance to reach the¬†community directly and spread awareness¬†about protecting their health and being¬†healthy. We, at NUSI-Wockhardt Hospitals,¬†are happy to do our bit to make the¬†environment healthy to live.‚ÄĚ


Dr.Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Anuj Tiwari and Stanley Thomas