presents Uncommon Cities: Goa – Divenire

Christmas and New Year are about sharing in the joy of festivity and tranquility with friends and family members. As the season of festivity and the dawn of a New Year is upon us, sale Commonfloor beautifully captures the essence of a state which is known for its Carnivals, price Christmas and New Year celebrations, Beaches, Feni and more. Commonfloor welcomes you to explore Goa, as we explore the magnificence of this beautiful and celebratory state of India.

Continuing its Uncommon Cities series, presents this short film: Goa –Divenire. The previous short films in the series have captured the essence of cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi.

We invite you to come back home, to rekindle the warmth of your loved ones and family during this festive month and usher in the New Year by gathering around the love, wishes and celebrations of Christmas and New Year with your people, your home town, your home-coming. welcomes you back home, Welcome to Goa.

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