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The best of the best sunburn’s world class dj line-up

Sander Van Doorn

In Conversation with Sander Van Doorn

26 –year-old Sander van Doorn is a Dutch electronic dance music producer and DJ. He is listed in DJMag’s top 100 djs list, with a rank ranging from 51st to 10th in the world during the past eight years. We don’t have to tell you that means he’s hot. Red hot. The best part about him and his music is that both are going to be at GOA SUNBURN 2014, part of an amazing line-up of artists that helps explain why Sunburn has emerged as one of the premier EDM festivals on the planet. To mark the occasion of such electrifying international acts flying to Goa, Goa Streets’ crack photographer, reporter and utterly dedicated EDM aficionado Shubham Gupta did a crisp interview with him.

SG: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of India?

SVD: I have been to India in 2012 for Sunburn Goa and the response from the fans has been overwhelming. Goa is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of India.

SG: Where all have you toured in India?

SVD: I have been on tour to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and of course Goa.

SG: What do you think is the scope of EDM festivals in a market like India? How different do you feel it’s going to be over the European EDM scene?

SVD: India is a growing hub for Electronic music and has some extremely talented local artists, too. The EDM scene in Europe is much more evolved.

SG: What is it that you want to take back from India and Sunburn tour this year? What are you expecting the experience to be like?

SVD: Sunburn Goa has been an amazing experience. Hopefully, this will be bigger and better, knowing the Indian market has been so welcoming to all the international artists