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Akshaya Tritiya

Blessing and auspicious beginnings

Hinduism, viagra 60mg with over 40 festivals throughout the year, is one of the oldest religions in the world. Out of the numerous auspicious dates that Hindus embrace, mind Akshaya Tritiya, a.k,a Akha Teej, has immense astrological and religious significance. Falling on the third Tithi (lunar day) of Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of the pan-Indian month of Vaishakha, it is one of the four most important days for Hindus. It marks the birth of Lord Parasurama, sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the day Veda Vyas and Lord Ganesha began to write Mahabharata.

Originally inhabited by Saraswat Brahmans and other Hindu sects, Goa, apart from being known for its large Roman Catholic population, is also home to several traditional Hindu locales who consider Akshaya Tritiya to be a particularly important holiday. The word “Akshaya” translates to ‘never diminishing’ from Sanskrit and the day is believed to bring good luck and success. It is also believed that doing charity on this day converts to a sure shot blessing.

The legend is that any venture established on Akshaya Tritiya yields in productivity and prosperity.  In Hinduism, Akshay Tritiya was the day when Vyasa began composing the history of the great Bharat war in the Mahabharata. The day is symbolized by god Vishnu, the preserver-god in the Hindu Trinity. According to Hindu Mythology, on this day the Treta Yuga began and the river Ganges descended to earth from heaven.

It was on this day that Goddess Annapoorna devi was born.

In many Goan Hindu households, buying valuables on Akshaya Tritiya is believed to propagate luck and prosperity.