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5 Great Places To Watch The Monsoon From

Café Bodega at Sunaparanta, sale

Altinho, look Panjim

 A centre for the arts, viagra 40mg run by one of Goa’s elite families, this institution operates in a beautiful restored Indo-Portuguese mansion at one end of the verdant hill that gives Panjim its evergreen backdrop. The house is built around a central courtyard, replete with trees, a space dedicated to budding artists and the charming little Café Bodega .The courtyard space, besides serving many other architectural functions, is an integral part of Konkan houses and is pretty much designed as an ode to the heavy monsoon of the region. Walk around the courtyard of the Sunaparanta house admiring the paintings, flip through a magazine or just sit and browse, enjoying the free wi-fi whilst savouring a Bodega coffee and carrot cake here, as it pours away to glory! Just the right place to be stuck in, without an umbrella!


Terry’s at Betim OR

Aah Goa at Nerul

Passing through this little village when the heavens opened the floodgates? Don’t let it rain on your parade, go for a nice family lunch to Terry’s at Betim. This gorgeous little restaurant occupies a prime spot, right next to the Betim Ferry point. Sit by the large glass façade nursing a beer and day dreaming, as you gaze out onto the Mandovi and watch that mystic dance of the dark clouds. Alternatively, gather up your buddies and head to Aah Goa.You may have to wade through the muck a bit at the entrance, but once you arrive at the pavillion, right at the edge of the serene Nerul river, you’ll know it was worth it! Make some paper boats, chat with the friendly waiters and listen to the pitter patter, while feasting on some good Goan cuisine!


Artjuna  at Anjuna

You’re probably not risking Liliput and Curlies in this weather. Who wants a wet slap in the face? But if you find your heart is steering the car towards Anjuna involuntarily, despite all the bad weather forecasts, worry not; for you will hit the lovely little Artjuna, way before the beach. Right on the main road, this petite café cum accessory store is the perfect joint to stop for a sip of coffee when it starts to pour unexpectedly. Here you can also spend your time browsing through clothes, notebooks, beads, statues and handcrafted shell jewellery, all available under one roof.


Savoi Verem Plantation at Ponda

Yes it’s about time your beached bum got a break from the sun. Head to the hinterland for some green respite! The Savoi Verem farms in Ponda house a number of indigenous plant species, from black pepper to the basmati plant. This place makes for a great day picnic. You can start with the guided tour, which will begin with information about the medicinal properties of the plants and many tasty samples and end with a peek at a pair of rather docile farm crocodiles. If you prefer something without quite so many teeth and bugs, just lay back on the red oxide floor in the shed and wait for your fantastic meal of traditional vegetarian Goan Hindu cuisine that you can digest with sol kadi. You can also browse through the rustic handicrafts and/or just take a nap as the ‘ghodgodd’  and ‘vavzad’ outside run their course!


Cabo de Rama fort

at Canacona

Did you think that all you could do in the monsoons is drink tea indoors? Plan a monsoon hike through Cabo de Rama, a spectacular ruined fort from Portuguese times! This huge tract of land, full of trees, and green all around, is the perfect place to become a child again. At the entrance of the fort, you will notice a ‘viewing point’ to your right with a grand vista of the great blue Arabian Sea. But don’t just be satisfied by that. The real fun here is in exploring the length and breadth of the fort, so start hiking inward, and get swallowed by the dense greenery, for an experience you will surely not regret. At the broken sea-facing edge of the fort wall, you will happen upon a great 180 degree panoramic sea view framed by the neighbouring hills. If you’re lucky enough to be here during the onset of a small storm, you will have the chance to watch a veritable wind, sea and palm tree drama, rivalled only by the Caribbean!

There also is of course the famed Dudhsagar waterfall with its new spa resort, the Wildernest cottages and now also, white water rafting at the Mhadei river, the places that come alive only during the monsoon; but those are another story by themselves.

Or if none of this is your cup of tea, you could drop in for a chat and a ‘chai’ at the Sangolda Goa Streets office, where we will be enjoying the monsoon from our balcao!