You are currently viewing Sundays have never been brighter or should I say WHITER at Destination One

Sundays have never been brighter or should I say WHITER at Destination One

Escapade at Destination One

With drizzling sundowners, buy floor smashing line-up and an all white dress code, Destination One successfully hosted ‘White Sunday’ on the 25th of Jan at Escapade in Calangute. With bass drops and classic mixes by top DJ’s of the state like Navin X Mackie, Rinton, Mr. E, NRush, Ryan Nogar, Usman, Alli Marc and Ross; it goes without saying that Destination One was set to make every guest stomp post 3PM. And so it did. Property GM, Mr. Gopi Nair also appeared to be dressed in white partying the night away. A blend of retro and EDM could barely keep the feet of the invitees from tapping. The view of the Arabian Sea from the venue as the sun was about to set was just another cherry on top of this well executed extravaganza. It is interesting to see oldies grooving to the music and occupying the dance floor. It was even more fascinating to witness kids trying to boogie the best they could to the music. Anyhow, fun has no age restriction whatsoever. But we’ve got to give it to Destination One for such an inviting gesture of letting the parents party without worrying about their kids being home alone. With a bar menu inclusive of premium alcohol, the party got a tremendous response since the venue was packed as the music softened and the night came to an electrifying end by 10PM. For all those who missed it, well, tough luck my friends. Here’s a glimpse of the party through my lens.



Gopi Nair (middle), GM at Destination One, with his VIP guests