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Tropical 24 x 7

The beautifully presented lobster

An Oasis in the Heart of the Goan Bustle

Have you ever felt a pang of hunger in the dead of night and wondered where to go? When you’ve gone on partying all night long and your stomach rumbles for a crumble?

Welcome to Tropical 24 x 7, an oasis in the heart of the Goan beach belt bustle. The kitchen’s alive with a glow of ruddy fire and the warmth of aromatic flavours. A whiff from the chef’s magic is bound to ensconce you in a raging appetite.

Let’s begin with the biggest selling point: The restaurant never sleeps! Tropical 24×7 will serve you everything from starters, main course, cocktails, alcohol and ice cream round the clock every single day, including Sunday.

They specialize in Goan and Continental cuisine. From the Continental section there is a variety of mouth-watering steaks but nothing beats the juicy Chicken Pepper Steak. A tasty explosion of soft, delectable chicken with an aromatic pepper sauce makes the experience a must try.

Another noteworthy mention is the Sea Food Pasta. You could have it either in a white or red sauce. A wide selection of Goan seafood comes alive at Tropical 24X7 with a fusion of European style. Pieces of fish, prawns, squid and soft crabmeat heartily fill you up.

Another highlight of the menu is definitely the Tandoori Chicken. And it’s not just about the taste. There’s also a delightful element of drama. As you drive by and if you happen to catch a glance at Tropical 24×7 on the main Calangute drag, you’ll see the tantalizing tandoori chicken being grilled just at the entrance.

Besides greeting you with the waft from the tandoori chicken, Tropical 24×7 welcomes you with their bright and happy colours. The interiors are spacious, modern and warm, with ample room to fill a hungry bunch of party animals.

Tropical 24×7 has a separate section for families and private diners. On the walls are wooden sign boards hanging with explanations of the “Tandoor” offerings and other menu highlights, making it easy to course your way through your heart’s, and your stomach’s, desires.


The ubiquitous tandoori chicken

At the end of the long hall, which is the restaurant’s main dining area, lies the kitchen. The staff is super busy when I get there. They are in top gear, flying in and out of the kitchen delivering quality to the diners.

The kitchen is alive with the anticipation of cooking a lobster. A group of European diners have ordered themselves a Goan and, true to their origins, continental feast.

The entire operation was fascinating to watch. Lobsters are not the easiest things in the world to prepare and cook. The chef in the kitchen to my delight handled the whole maneuver with finesse and dexterity.

The presentation of the dish was immaculate and beautiful, scoring a perfect 10 on 10.And the taste was scrumpalicious(I decided to invent this word to honour the inventiveness of the dish!) It’s just the right meal for a fine celebration, as testified to by the beaming smiles that accompanied the mouthfuls of lobsters.


With this kind of revelry, may I suggest a glass of bubbly? Tropical 24×7’s choices range from a Zampa Rose, Zampa Brut to Sula Brut. There is also local port wine for those of you are digging in to Chicken Xacutti.

For the more sober-minded, there are plenty of other beverages to choose from. The Kiwi Colada is a rejuvenating choice, as is the delicious and popular Fruit Punch. What better place to have a fruit punch than in a Tropical oasis! Other unusual drink offerings include the Break the Traffic and the Midnight Queen.

And here’s another suggestion. Why not sweeten this nocturnal adventure by choosing from Tropical 24X7’s delightful selection of 22 ice cream flavours? It’s perfect for the summer! The Afghan Dry Fruit is a recommendation for those with a lion-hearted appetite. Other good choices include the Spanish Saffron, the Moroccan Dry Fruits and the Black Currant. In short, Tropical 24X7 is ice cream heaven.

Whatever occasion and mood you might be in, Tropical 24×7 is the place that’ll satisfy your desires.As the board at this oasis reads “All Day, All Night”.

Bon Appetit!

Home Delivery: +91 9820115921