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The Lowdown

Yes, recipe it turns out Goa really is chic! Take one look at what’s happening in the fashion world here, and you’ll know that this little state has hit the big leagues when it comes to style. On these pages, we take a different take on this phenomenon, focusing on the young men and women on the frontlines of the fashion boom in Goa: the models. Here we take you inside their world, exposing both their trials and joys. One thing’s for certain. Their lives may be glamorous, but never easy.

When you turn these pages, you will see that this edition of Goa Streets is “deep water”. We bring you an in-depth look at how Baina, once Goa’s only red-light district, is experiencing a remarkable rebirth. We publish an eye-opening discussion on millionaire art collectors, and delve into the world of short film makers in Goa. Our story on Pope Francis describes the context behind Argentina’s dirty war at a time when the Pope served as head of the Jesuits there.

Even if you live in Goa and are not a tourist, do take a look at our story on how to have fun in Arambol on Rs 500. There’s a decent chance that after reading this piece, you’ll be in the mood to head up there! Same goes for our story on Aldona, one of the more fascinating villages in Goa. We hope you enjoy our now regular segment featuring fiction from Goan writers, with a short story this week on a uniquely Indian relationship between a doctor and his very protective mother.

Lastly, we want to draw your attention to two milestones we passed in recent days. First, the Goa Streets Facebook page has now reached 10,000 “likes” – a significant achievement for our young publication! Second, the number of YouTube hits for the Goa Streets Flash Mob – when we brought together 100 dancers from across Goa last November for a surprise dance on the Dona Paula jetty – has reached more than 1 lakh. That means our flash mob is one of the most viewed events from Goa in the history of YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss out! Log onto YouTube and type in Goa Streets Flash Mob, and we’ll pop right up!

We’re way ahead. We’re rocking. We’re Goa Streets!