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The Great Panjim Adventure

You don’t have to be rich to have a blast

Keeping in mind that the best things in the world are free, you can make do with the rest with very little. As little as Rs 300. Here is how you can enjoy the capital city of Goa with just three hundred rupees!


8.AM, RS 300

Get down at Panjim bus stand, catch a local bus to go to Kala Academy, have breakfast (Tea/coffee, egg patties/samosa, omelette), all nominally priced. After a light breakfast, take some time to stroll around, enjoy the architecture of this premier arts institution in Goa, designed by Charles Correa. Visit the art gallery inside, there is no entry fee. There is also an adjoining jetty, where you can view the Mandovi river and throw a fishing line.

Tea/coffee= 6
Pattie/samosa= 7 x 2= 14
Omelete = 20
Total expense= Rs 40


 9.30AM, RS 260

Once you leave Kala Academy, you can set out for a walk in the city. Walking is one of the best ways to explore Panjim, and with enough trees flanking the streets, the sun is not a problem. If you are sensitive, carry an umbrella or sun screen and a bottle of water. Stroll past the Inox multiplex into the Panjim Municipal Market. This complex is well designed, the ground floor occupied by the vegetable and fruits section, along with a few grocery stores, while the top floor is occupied by shops of various other kinds, right from electric shops to tailors. A giant mural by the great Goan artist Mario Miranda adorns one wall. Grab a quick drink at a stall, that will fuel your walk ahead. A delicious full glass of chikoo shake should cost you Rs 20. Walk straight down 18th June Road, which is lined with shops and you will reach the Panjim Church Square.
Total expense= 35 (milk shake 20 + water bottle 15)

10.30AM, RS 225

After a 20-minute walk in the heart of the city from the market, you will reach the glorious Panjim Church, a marvellous structure. You can take the steps to the top and enjoy a top view of the whole city. While up there, look east, you will see the area called Altinho (meaning an elevated place).


12.30PM, STILL RS 225

Climbing down from Panjim Church, take a little walk towards the west, where you will reach Cafe Tato. One of the oldest eateries in Goa, you can sample the best local food here at economical prices. You can either have a thali for Rs 80, or a plate of mushroom bhaji and mix bhaji, along with a plate of puri or pav. And a glass of cold drink to cool you off.

Bhaji= 25 x 2 + 50
Puri = 15
Cold drink= 15
Total expense = Rs 80


1.30 PM, RS 145

After lunch, you can head back towards the Church Square, and browse through Singbal’s Book Store. Spend a few minutes there and then head uphill to Altinho.

2.00 PM, RS 145

The climb up to Altinho is quite a workout. So you might want to take a motorcycle trip up and walk back. You can hire a local ‘pilot’ who will charge Rs 20 to take you up the hill to Sunaparanta, an old Indo-Portuguese house turned into an art centre, where you can enjoy a lot of diverse art works by upcoming as well as established artists. They also have a Cafe and an amphitheatre. Leafy canopies cover this great hub for artists and art lovers. Have a cuppa tea and enjoy the works of art.

Motorbike = Rs 20
Tea = Rs 20
Total expense = Rs 40


4.00 PM, RS 105

On your way back, find a bus stop. Take a mini-bus to Miramar beach, a place that is underrated in a few ways. On the days when it’s not so crowded, you can have enjoy a nice peaceful walk along the shore. On the opposite side of the river meeting the sea, you will see Betim, all the way to Candolim, and even spot the Aguada lighthouse. Sundown is
wonderful to watch from Miramar beach. While at the beach, try out the local Sev puri at the numerous stalls that line the edge of the beach.

Minibus = Rs 5
Sev Puri = Rs 20
Total expense = Rs 25

6.00 PM , RS 80

Sunset is a great time to get a drink. Although drinking at any of the local bars will be
economical, a local bar like Arcangela is a great place to settle for the evening. You can easily catch a bus from the beach that will also drop you right outside the bar. It is situated at the Dona Paula circle, bang on the left. The bar serves you local as well as some high-end brews. Since we’re trying not to break the bank, it’s best to stick to a ‘small’ rum or beer. A local feni won’t be out of the question. Everything is economically priced, with a beer costing Rs 50. Light snacks like french fries or roasted papad are also cheap.

Bus= Rs 10
Beer = Rs 50
Roasted papad = Rs 10

Total expense= Rs 70



7.30 PM, RS 10

After a relaxing drink, take a walk down to the Dona Paula jetty which is just 5 minutes away. The view from here is spectacular. After walking on the side walk for some time you can relax on one of the benches and enjoy the lights of the evening and the stars, while enjoying the sound of the sea. Don’t forget to climb the stairs to the hilltop viewing point boasting one of the best vistas in the state. Take a bus and head back to Panjim city.

Bus = Rs 10

8.00 PM, RS 0