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Taking It Up A Notch At Gym & Tonic!

Celebrity Fitness Guru Shwetha Bhatia’s New Venture In Goa

This Lady Brings You The Heat, So Stop Making Excuses!

It seems this is the season of celebrities moving to Goa. First we hear that Sarah Todd of MasterChef Australia fame plans to set up a restaurant here. And now we get news that Shwetha Bhatia, pills one of the country’s top fitness and nutrition gurus (and herself a bodybuilding champion) has already opened up shop in Panjim.

Hers is no ordinary gym, to be sure. Gym & Tonic is about transforming your mind, body & soul through a unique combination of exercise, nutrition and other health-enhancing practices (yoga and body suspension training,  to name two).

Shwetha smiles when asked about her venture’s spirited name, which conjures up the image of a cocktail not exactly associated with fitness!

And yet this is a gym and it is a tonic – tonic for the body, an antidote for its ills. Tonic refers to the nutrition counterpart; where non-members across age groups can address their clinical/sports nutrition issues.

Shwetha explains that her Goa venture is giving her a chance to fulfill her professional dream of helping people lead better, healthier lives.

“I now have the opportunity to integrate fitness and nutrition under one roof and give my clients the best of both, in short maximizing results in the shortest possible time. Earlier I would only be able to chart out the exercise regime without actually being able to ensure that it is executed as instructed.”


You see, Gym & Tonic doesn’t believe in selling “weight loss by the kilo.” If getting fit just meant losing some weight, then those who lose weight during sickness would actually be getting fitter, right?

The goal, explains Shwetha, must be to maintain muscle and target fat loss by having an “ideal body composition” that can only be achieved with the right combination of exercise and nutrition. Exercise must include a combination of cardio, weight training and flexibility. And a good diet should complement your exercise schedule.

Shwetha explains that your body weight is made up of fat, muscle, blood, fluids, bone and organs. When you lose weight drastically, you are probably losing precious muscle. Weight loss should be primarily fat loss while saving muscle mass.

Muscles need stimulus to build and maintain; they place a high demand on the body, which tries to pare them down once training stops. Weight training provides the stimulus. It takes months to build and days to lose; therefore training should be a lifelong activity and not just a means to achieving your goal weight. Cardiovascular training provides the same stimulus to the heart; remember that the heart is made up of muscle too!

Because aging is related to muscle loss, when we pick up weights to maintain the muscle mass, we are actually anti-aging. Further, muscles strengthen bones and joints. The one thing you want to carry into old age is INDEPENDENCE and being physically active through the years ensures that!


Therefore, exercise should not be only a means to burn calories for weight loss. Its effects go way beyond that. Losing weight and looking good are the bonus effects, so treat exercise like medicine!

Gym & Tonic provides all the basic services like strength training, and cardio and personal training. But they also cater to those who like to train the non-conventional way. Group classes like yoga and suspension training are among the offerings in the latter category. There is also a physiotherapist on board who can offer therapy or training guidelines for those with active injuries or in the rehab phase. Another addition is the prenatal/post-natal classes for pregnant women.

The icing on the cake (make that a carrot cake!), of course, is that when you come here to train, you can also benefit from the advice of one of India’s foremost experts on nutrition. Shwetha has helped a great many people overcome disease, enhance athletic performance and build happier, healthier lives.

Shwetha and her team believe in regular follow-ups to help people stay on track and reach their targets. You need not be a member of Gym & Tonic to avail of their nutrition services, though members get special rates.

You have two services to choose from – Regular and Premium. Both the packages are designed by Shwetha, but the Regular is monitored by her assistants and the Premium exclusively by her. Gym & Tonic’s emphasis is on personal attention and correct form and technique, backed with Scientific Nutritional Guidance!

Shwetha Bhatia is a Registered Dietician with the Indian Dietetic Association. She specializes in Clinical and Sports Nutrition across all age groups. Backed by academic excellence (having topped the University at both the graduation and post-graduation level in Dietetics), Shwetha also has a practice in Mumbai under the brand ‘Metamorphosis’ since 2009.

She helped prepare Tiger Shroff during his debut film “Heropanti”.


“One of my biggest challenges has been counseling Tiger Shroff – as he came to me with an already near perfect body,” Shwetha explains. “We share the same passion for fitness. I planned his regime in the final 6 months before he began shooting for his debut film “Heropanti”.

Shwetha herself has competed as a “fitness athlete”, bagging medals at state and national level competitions of the Indian Body Builders Federation.

With an impeccable track record, she has an impressive network of clients – be it professionals, celebrities or organizations who have sought her nutrition expertise. Her plans are customized to your lifestyle and for each person a different plan is created. She doesn’t have a ‘template’ style of consulting.

Who knows? Spend enough time at Gym & Tonic and you won’t have to feel guilty if, on occasion, you decide to reward yourself with an actual Gin & Tonic.


Services Offered:

  • Clinical & Sports Nutrition Centre
  • Strength training
  • Cardio
  • Personal training
  • Suspension training
  • Pregnancy classes
  • Yoga
  • Shower
  • Lockers
  • Pro shop – For dietary supplements
  • Physiotherapy
  • A basic first aid kit

To know more, book an appointment with an expert.