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Subway Comes to Panjim

We realize they’re a bit hard to find in this part of the world, but people who don’t much fancy fish curry rice for lunch do in fact exist. And so what if we’re living in more of a curry culture than one which glorifies cold sandwiches? The fact is not everyone wants a hot meal for lunch. And some actually crave a really good sandwich – hot or cold – at the right time of day. That’s why the closure of Baga’s Subway outlet a few months back came as unwelcome news. Not to worry, however! A new Subway just opened in Panjim offering up U.S.-style submarine sandwiches with an Indian twist.

Before we go on, let us tell you a few facts about Subway you might not have known. Brace yourself! Subway is the single largest restaurant operator on the planet, with more than 39,517 restaurants in 102 countries. Now there are 39,518! What do you get here? Lots and lots of sandwiches of every kind – from chicken to meat balls to turkey to paneer to tuna to tandoori. And these are not like sandwiches you see anywhere else. They’re the real deal – big fat American-style creations that do not skimp on the fillings. A typical six-inch Subway sandwich will set you back Rs 162. If you’re hungry, be prepared to pay double because the 12-inchers make for a more reasonably sized meal. Two small caveats to keep in mind at the new Panjim outlet. The restaurant is very small, with only three tables, and parking can be an issue. Still, some people think their sandwiches are the best in Goa.

Subway Panjim

At DB Road (River Road) on the left just before the first petrol station after crossing Patto Bridge coming into the city.