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Sao Joao 2014 at Resort Rio Goa


Sao Joao 2014, generic at Resort Rio Goa was even grander  than previous events of past years. With heart thumping and foot stomping music from the most exciting DJ’s, namely Ryan Nogar, Rinton, Jay, Brandon, Ryan Britto and Lester Isaac, thrilled the entire crowd until just before midnight. Fun, frolic, wet and whacky were the themes for the evening as couples and stags heated up the dance floor overlooking the picturesque view of the Baga coastal belt.  Not even the rains could dampen the spirits of thousands in attendance dancing to the vibes and mixes of the music. Partyers jumped or were pushed into the 7000 sq ft swimming pool with water jets, cascade and inbuilt Jacuzzi. The glittery lights hit the skies in the night with live screens for viewing, resembling the famous Ibiza in Spain. Booze flowing from the onset till the end kept everyone merry to the core. You had to be there to believe it. For all those not present, until next year. Be there to experience the time of your lives… VIVA SAN JOAO!!!