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Route 66 Smoke House and Grill

For An Amazing American Food Fix

Don’t feel guilty! It happens to the best of us, healing that sudden craving for steaks and burgers, that need for an explosion of taste and indulgence. If you haven’t yet been to Route 66, the Smoke House serving mouth watering Cheese Burgers, Juicy Steaks with Fries and an assortment of American Grills, along with some crazily fabulous cocktails, you don’t know what you’re missing! Imagine a freshly baked bun sandwiching a tender and juicy as hell beef patty mounted with jalapenos, and onion rings with generous lumps of cheese in every bite – all together in one badass portion. Do you feel hungry yet? Don’t forget to save your appetite before visiting this wonderful Panjim establishment run by Chef Restaurateur Xavs Norr. Even though the burgers won’t fit your mouth, they will totally fit your pocket, considering the humble pricing on these massive offerings.

Find them at:

Rua De Ourem, Old Patto Bridge , Near Hotel Sona

     Or call at: (+91) 96 23922796, (+91) 88 05389714, (+91) 83 22435884 for reservations.

Bon AppeBITE!