You are currently viewing Reaction to our story on Goa’s Oldest Person

Reaction to our story on Goa’s Oldest Person

Our March 21st story on Lourdes Lobo, drug Goa’s oldest person at age 105, was seen by thousands of people and received hundreds of ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on Facebook, in addition to myriad Tweets and a great many comments from people all over Goa and India, including from Lourdes’ children and grandchildren. The story can be read at Below is sampling of the comments.



Tina m

I think she is a remarkable woman god has blessed her and may god bless her two daughters who care for her.


Not all get these gift i thank the lord for the wonderful gift she received my grandma passed at 100 and four months i think it is determination to do things and do them right and love and prays for self and others

Francis (Frank) Lobo

man-Lourdes is my cousin. She was born in the same house where I was born in Quitula, Salvador do Mundo. First time I visited her in April/May 1957 on my first holiday from Aden. I was invited by her brother Bismark for the feast of their parish church. She was surprised to see me. Her husband side were of rich Portugues speaking family. She told me that when they got married, band was playing form the upper roof in the centre of the hall. They had big hall. Later In 1994 I took my wife from UK to see her at Christmas time. She took dishtt (evil eye) from my wife Theresa. I am very happy to know that she is oldest person in Goa.

Lygia Figueiredo ( Lobo)

Quitula?, Salvador do Mundo? Lobo? My grandmother was from there and I remember spending part of my summers there with cousins, uncles , aunt and grandmother. My grandmother was Kate Mendanha (lobo), lived I Bombay.



Nice to read about her! may she live many more years!

valerian britto

Nice to see this!!

I am from camurlim


Yes this Lady is my friend’s Grandma and we all prayed for her leg not to get amputated and heal on it’s own. Every Wednesday I went to Mahim Church and Prayed for her leg, we all Prayed. Yes it’s a miracle how her leg healed with all OUR Prayers and of course her courage. Hats off to her – God Bless her and her Family too.


Inspiring life. Keep it up, gun for 200 now.

From Facebook

Amit Gupta may god save her for another so many years

Domnic Dias WOW! 105

Freva Pereira god bless her

Avinash Birambole Very well written and thanks for sharing a treasure, politicians have been screwing Goa for there good, they roam with Hummer and BMWs, it is sad to see all this. what are we passing on to coming generations?

Vasant Naik God bless her !

Fausta Carlos May Lord give her good health.

Sheela Jaywant i feel like a toddler already.

Milton Rodrigues I wonder what her Secret is ???


From Twitter

Joanna Lobo @djoiiii

@GoaStreets has a lovely write up on my grandmother. It makes me want to rush to Goa and hug her. …. cc @NigelBritto

Namitha Gopal @NamithaGopal  

@NigelBritto She must have so many stories and experiences to share no? 🙂 I would love to meet her! @GoaStreets


Nigel Britto @NigelBritto  

So cool: @GoaStreets mag did a story on my grandmom, 105, who’s Goa’s oldest person. 🙂  Mae:


VM @vmingoa  

she’s radiant! MT @NigelBritto So cool: @GoaStreets on my grandmom Goa’s olde

vikas hulsure @vhulsure  

Goa’s Oldest Person. Determination, courage, hope and self confidence … via @goastreets