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Re-orient Yourself at Wan Hao!

Chilli bean prawns

Goa Marriott Resort & Spa presents an exquisitely innovative new menu capturing the authentic flavours of the exotic Far East at Wan Hao! Get set to revel in a delightful explosion of novel flavours encompassing unique signature dishes while retaining the coveted tried-and-tested traditional favourites!

The coming season brings forth a gloriously diverse range of oriental-style meats, sale seafood and vegetables! Dig into signature dishes whipped up by expert residential Chef Sundar Dadel, or opt for all-time favourites that will guarantee a return visit. Take your pick from a brand new selection of piping hot Dim Sum, such as the Qia Xiao Bao (Barbeque Pork Bun) and the Crystal Dumpling (Tofu and Chinese Greens). Relish an assortment of appetizers like the Konjee Crispy Tenderloin and the Xiao Mai (Prawn and Mushroom Dumpling). Warm your soul with flavourful soups including theTang Mien Cha Choy (Clear Noodle Soup) and the Spicy Vegetable Bean Curd Soup. A refreshing array of entrees will ensure that your taste-buds are gleefully satiated. The health-conscious can opt for the wholesome Clay Pot Chicken, while seafood aficionados can savour the impeccable XO Lobster amongst other dishes. Meat-lovers won’t be left far behind, with plentiful options including the Beijing Roast Duck with Pancakes and the Sweet and Spicy Chili Pork Chops. Rice and noodle dishes such as the all-time favourite Burnt Garlic Fried Rice and the striking Ja Jiang Mein(Chinese Style Soft Noodles with Meat Sauce) will only serve to add to this stunning symphony of flavours. And as you reach the peak of culinary ecstasy, it is only befitting to pamper your palate with delectable desserts like the Guo Bin BinJi Lin (Fried Date Pancake with Vanilla Ice Cream)and Warm Gooey Oriental Chocolate Bliss (with Caramel Almond Ice Cream)! For reservations, please call 0832-246 3333.

Barbequed pork spare ribs


Barbequed Pork Spare ribs