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Please Don’t Kill Our Industry !

Call it a case of throwing out the baby with the bath water. We don’t want illegal activities taking place in spas, nurse so we simply make it impossible for spas to operate. Turns out there’s a better way. Below is a statement from the Goa Salon & Spa Association, vcialis 40mg outlining what exactly needs to be done to a) ensure legality and b) not destroy a valuable, legitimate industry in our state. Read on!

 Bad elements exist in every profession, every industry, in every walk of life. This does not mean that legitimate and honest businesses should suffer and face unprecedented hardships. Saddled with humiliation and burning with indignation at the same time, the Salon & Spa industry is being tarred with the same dirty brush used on the perpetrators of flesh trade.

The members of the GSSA (Goa Salon & Spa Association) make a fervent plea to the media not to sensationalize the entire issue at hand. We seek your help to protect and nurture this booming industry


The Background:

We all know that the Salons & Spas are among the few industries that are registering growth, even in recent sluggish markets.

This can be attributed to a new, modern India where grooming standards are becoming at par with the rest of the developed world.

To counter the stress of the daily urban grind, Various alternative healing therapies are making a comeback in our lifestyles – including Gymnasiums, Health Clubs, Yoga Centres and……Salons / Spas.

Unfortunately, Salons & Spas have become the favorite disguise for brothels and other illicit activities-The establishment of a “Salon” “Spa” “Massage Centre” “Beauty Parlour” or even “Ayurvedic Spa” as a front allows these unsavory characters to carry out flesh trade with audacity.

“Cross Massage” has come in the line of fire recently as this is perceived to be the main facilitator of these illegal operations.

Fortunately, the police have been very pro-active in weeding out establishments that were conducting illegal activities, aspersions are cast on honest and ethical entrepreneurs for no fault of theirs.

The Problem:

The Goa Public Health (Amendment) Rules 2010,

Notification 49/4/2009-I/PHD, 15A(f) only says :
“Provision for male masseurs for the massage of males and female masseurs for the massage of females”
The fact is, there is nothing in the laws or bye-laws that prohibit Cross-Gender therapy or massage! Everyone, including the Media, Public and even the Authorities are misinterpreting ‘Provision’ as ‘Prohibition’!

However, it is disturbing to note that the Directorate of Health Services (DOHS) has begun to harass the legitimate members of the Salon & Spa industry by insisting on the segregation of male and female areas.

Arrogant and Ill-informed officials from the DOHS walk in respectable Salons & Spas to intimidate the staff and the guests with self-styled rules and regulations, while completely ignoring their actual duties : those of checking sanitation and cleanliness.

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Why Gender Segregation is a Bad Idea:

Gender Segregation means we are encouraging Gender Discrimination.

It will mean hiring twice the number of staff to cater for males and females, inflating the salary bill to double, thereby rendering the entire business model unfeasible.

It will mean loss of jobs to countless women as this industry is female-dominated.

It will mean massive changes in infrastructure to separate male & female areas, resulting in losses due to increased capital expenditure and closure for re-orienting the facilities.

Most importantly, It will NOT guarantee the stopping of illegal activities – with the Gay and Lesbian community on the rise, sexual favours are no longer a “Heterosexual” domain hence these may continue even in a “No Cross Massage” scenario!

A few concrete suggestions to save the Industry:

Immediately bring the Salon & Spa industry under the banner of the Department of Tourism so that it can be promoted and can become a better contributor to the state’s taxes.

Clearly define the roles of the DOHS and other authorities in the licensing process

Appoint an Accreditation Board with the assistance of the GSSA, which will be entrusted with the screening / licensing / regulation / of the Spa Industry (A whitepaper of the same has been prepared for submission to the Chief Minister)

Moot a government recognized Grooming, Wellness and Cosmetology college that will give credence to professions like Hairstyling, Makeup, Spa Therapy, Massage Therapy, Skincare, Nail Art and others. Such a college will set benchmarks for the rest of India to follow. Working in tandem with the Accreditation Board it will give the requisite legitimacy to these professions and also spawn a new skill set, infuse the industry with certified, trained manpower.

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