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Nuns N Roses enthralls with theatre and music

Children from Sister Christobel’s Trust, Mother Teresa’s Roses and The Phoenix Foundation Big Band from Germany presented the ‘Nuns N Roses’ musical evening at the Garcia de Orta gardens in Panjim last Sunday, and kept a packed garden spellbound with performances of both, the young children and the nuns themselves.

Sister Christobel herself sang the all-time classics― “What a wonderful world” and “When you’re smiling”―along with the children of the Parra and Quepem homes of the Trust.

The musical play Nuns ‘N’ Roses told the story of Mother Teresa’s Roses founded by Sister Christobel and Bishop Bosco Penha, the auxiliary bishop of Mumbai.

The children put on a splendid performance of monologue, dialogue, song, dance and live music. Mumbai theatre personality Annabelle Ferro directed the play and Angela Nagarajan choreographed the dances.

Also performing at the musical evening was the twenty-two piece jazz ensemble Phoenix Foundation Big Band, which played popular Michael Jackson tunes and a range of classics from rock, pop and jazz music.

The evening also had a special appearance by celebrated Indian classical virtuosos Ramamani and Ramesh Shotham.

Sr. Christobel who was diagnosed with cancer in her early twenties underwent a great change when Mother Teresa visited and blessed her in hospital with a statue of Mary, a medal and a rose. She dedicated her life to caring for the homeless and less fortunate. Sister Christobel’s Trust has centres in Parra and Quepem as well as in Mumbai.

The trust helps hundreds of homeless people including children, offering them a clean set of clothes and feeding them a hot meal.

‘Nuns and Roses’ was an effort to spread awareness about the initiatives of Sister Christobel’s Trust and was supported by the Corporation of The City of Panjim (CCP), Jazz Goa, Indigo 91.9, The Royal Goan Beach Club, Furtado’s, Poco Loco, Goa Grooves and