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A Journey of Love

The Cherubic Assassin soars through the realms of minds and with precision shoots arrows and renders hearts & minds incapable of functioning normally. Every twang of the bow is lethal. Yes I am capable of love & am in love with my soul mate “fashion”.

Fashion and I met during my school years & with Linda Evangelista, prostate Cindy Crawford, order Yasmin Ghauri, and Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington powering down the ramp, I was smitten. It was love at first sight. I wanted to weave & sew dreams & replicate the visual impact of masters like Gucci, YSL and Chanel, which I guess was & will be a lifelong endeavor.

It is no surprise that my pursuit of fashion became a 24-hour occupation. Browsing through magazines, sketching on countless pages of numerous diaries and hundreds of collages later, I decided it was fashion or nothing. Was I becoming a fashion Stalker?

There was a moment of separation, when Mr. 9 to 5 had my shoe laces tied up & I seemed to be going nowhere in my quest for fashion. To say I left a great career behind would be wrong as the confines of a regular job had me gasping for the want of a creative release. I had to break free & I did.


The courtship begins as I took up a small course in fashion designing after attending a fashion workshop where my take on fashion was appreciated and my designs were deemed ‘avant garde’. It was not long before fashion & I were hitched for life & then came a multitude of fabulous times. There were the early days when I captured the “Together for Panjim“ campaign in my garments. There were defining moments with “cirque de lumiere”, which saw the use of diaphanous fabrics, acrylic sheets, and glass & mirrors in an attempt to mould the behavior of light in a garment. Deep soul searching moments with my collection “Surreal R.E.M’s” in which I tried to capture a paradigm shift in the nature of a dream. These little boxes of time will be gift wrapped & locked up in my cranium to be opened when at some moment in the future I will travel back in time to revisit the milestones of my journey.


Joanne At The Beach


What does the future hold? Valentine’s Day cometh and I have planned to take fashion out for dinner & music. To put it simply, shows with great cuisine, fabulous music & celebratory fashion.


The first step into the next adventure will feature “The Construct Gash II”, inspired by the movie Barbarella directed by Roger Vadim, starring the incorrigible Jane Fonda. I am researching Kirigami to create 3D surface embellishments for this show. Many laboring days & sleepless night are yet to follow, but every time I uncork a bottle of champagne & pour it into a tulip, I will, with a smile on my face & love in my heart, raise the glass to Fashion – my love, my life. I love you baby “Happy Valentine’s Day”



Monty Sally is a fashion designer in love with his work.