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Through Melita’s Lens

Capturing Moments of Magic

Melita Fernandes, order a female wedding photographer from Quepem in South Goa, is doing a fantastic job capturing
magical moments of many bridal couples. Successfully established in this male dominated field, Melita owns her own
studio, ‘Genesis Photography and Videography.’ Here’s Dr. Charlane Pereira e Rebello in an interesting chat with this determined downto- earth personality.

An excited Melita is joyous when I compliment her photography. A Goan society that boasts of a Western-oriented culture and liberal mindset is yet to witness a surge of professional women photographers. Melita is one of few successful female photographers around, expertly juggling household duties, raising her 2-year-old son Gordon and snapping moments of joy.

I settled myself for an hour-long tête–à–tête with the confident woman waiting to be quizzed about her photography and life.

With an educational background in commerce and computers, she began her career as a teacher. Though she harboured plans of setting up her own computer training institute, her husband Gonsalo encouraged her to pursue her true passion, photography – and today it has turned into a successful business venture.

Melita had been inspired by her dad, who studied at JJ School of Arts in Mumbai. Even in college, she loved clicking photographs. Though one of her close friends had commented to her during her college days, “Why don’t you get into photography?”, the dream didn’t materialize until five years back.

While she was working at IIAS Institute of Hotel Management, one of her colleagues spoke to her about the Prasad Pankar’s photography course at CMYK Academy of Photography. She did this course in 2006 and another course (specializing in photography, videography, video editing, and after-effects) at Tiger’s Studio in Chowgule College, Margao (2009).

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The encouraging words of Prasad Pankar still echo, “The artist lies in you. I am only teaching you the basics.” I could sense the immense respect Melita has for her guru, Goa’s leading photographer.

I questioned her pointedly, “Why did you choose to specialize in wedding photography?” Melita’s eyes lit up, “I wanted to capture the romance in the air, and watch the fairytale moment unfold right before me. I know that I could have got into portraits and fashion, a far more glamorous option but this is what I love doing.”

Melita quips, “Nowadays, most young couples are more anxious about their big day than the journey of life that starts with marriage. Fat Indian weddings have become a trend. Expectations run high. However, arrangements may not always go as per the plan.”

Melita hands a checklist to the young bridal couple to help them plan their wedding. A quote at the end of the checklist reads, “A wedding is one day celebration but marriage is a lifetime of togetherness. Enjoy both.”

Melita explains, “I have seen grumpy brides refusing to smile even on their big day. So when I meet the bridal couple some days prior to the wedding, I always advise them to enjoy the special moment in their life, and not make any frivolous complaints as bad wedding gown or poor hairdo, wrong shade of flowers and so on….”


Melita Fernandes

As Melita spends a lot of time photographing the couple, she encourages them to be themselves. She says, “At times, the brides are shy and grooms are nervous. I try to put the bridal couple at ease and capture the best of emotions.”

What does photography mean to Melita? “It is about capturing a beautiful slice of life that may not reoccur and people get to relive that experience once again. Photography gives me the power to create artistic images and showcase them to others.”

Her work is not limited to weddings, of course. In 2008, Melita had her own photo exhibition on Goa’s most loved tourist spots, as part of World Tourism Day commemorations. And she captures the joyous moments of many occasions besides weddings.

However, Melita’s husband and mother-in-law have been very supportive of her career, lending a hand with young Gordon, while she goes for her shoots, often late at night. Her husband often ferries her to and from the venues. Her sister Adelaide, she says, has been another of her pillars of strength.

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Questioned about people’s reaction to her profession, Melita says, “It’s mostly ‘Wows’ from other women. However, men might not have the same degree of appreciation when women venture into such fields.”

Her biggest reward lies in appreciation that she gets from her clientele. She says, “Customer satisfaction is the real payment that keeps me going.”

With an optimistic outlook in life, she says, “Life is short. Enjoy the present moment. Don’t be a prisoner of the past or too anxious about the future.”

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