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The Lowdown

Some folks aren’t sure what to think about Goa Streets. You open up the first page and Music & Nightlife and splashes of colour immediately jump out at you. Then we tell you where to party,ed where to find the best food and what to do and see in your leisure time. The definitive guide to fun in Goa. But then suddenly, in the middle of all these event listings and revelry, deeply thoughtful stories about divorce and gays suddenly pop up. And then we offer you a cover story on the state of Goa’s tourism industry, presenting not just the good news but ALL the news.

This is what we promised we’d deliver when we set up shop in 2012. A comprehensive guide to Goa combined with world-class journalism. And this is what we are delivering.

We hope you find these pages to be informative, entertaining, thought-provoking and worthwhile. From Ethel Da Costa’s Stiletto Diaries to Monty Sally’s cutting edge fashion to our piece on horrific animal movies to our story revealing the inner workings of the Congress Party in Goa, this is a particularly eclectic edition of Goa Streets. We hope you enjoy reading it! And don’t forget to check us out on (where, by the way, you can watch a video of the incredible musicians covered in our Music & Nightlife story)!

The Goa Streets Team