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Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

The launch of Karma Kurry at the Broadway Book Centre, treat in Panjim


A Book Launch

Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida and Jyoti Nanda’s book Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul was launched recently at the Broadway Book Centre in Panjim. Bismarque Dias; Dental surgeon Dr Hubert Gomes and Principal of Vivek International HS, Chandigarh and writer Kimmy Dhanoa were the special guests for the occasion. The book is a compelling collection of life stories of ordinary citizens with an unbeatable spirit to transform the world. It includes inspiring stories about Anu Aga, Geeta Chandran, Rohini Nilekani, Chewang Norphel, Gul Panag, Anita Pratap, Gregory Roberts and others. The preface to Karma Kurry was written by Madiba ~ Nelson Mandela, who said, “These stories have that power to inspire people to rise and act; to make a difference.” The book has been dedicated to Jerry’s best friend Savio De Sa who passed away last year.

Speaking on the occasion, Jerry said that “Karma Kurry is not just a book series, but a journey over a decade of discovering soul-stirring and heart-warming tales. These are stories of Karmaveer award recipients and heroes from across the world who have come “together as one to right every wrong.” The Karmaveer awards are given every year on 26/11 ~ the citizen action day.” Jerry also said that the next edition of Karma Kurry will feature eminent Goans Dr Hubert Gomes (Social Activist and Policitian) and Bismarque Dias (Social Activist). Jerry, who was the Master Strategist behind the reclaimed People Power campaign in 2011-12 to sensitize the people of Goa to rid public office from thieves and thugs who were in power, said that a lot still needs to be done to clean up the system and urged the people to vote responsibly.

Dr Hubert Gomes, speaking at the book launch, said that these stories can inspire people as it’s about ordinary citizens who have done extraordinary work and in the process changed many lives. Commenting on the political scene, he said that the change should come within us rather than waiting for a political saviour to clean up the rot in our system.

Bismarque Dias said that such stories inspire you more as they are about the real heroes of the world. Reel heroes are mere actors who act in order to entertain people but real heroes are those that fight against all odds in real life situations no matter what the consequences and make a difference to the world.


During a press talk


Jerry also spoke about starting a movement to change Goa from Vice Capital to Cultural Capital with the statues of Mermaid in Panjim and the Merman who will be installed in Campal Creek as the Mascots of Responsible Tourism. In his earlier life, Jerry also started the Joy of Giving movement which has become a Huge Philanthropic movement not only in India but also in the US and Europe. Jerry, who worked with the farmers of Maharashtra in the Farmers Suicide belt, was also nominated for the Magsaysay Award. Jerry became the first Goan to be nominated for this award in 2010, the same year when he partnered with Ms Neelima Mishra (Magsaysay award recipient 2010) to empower the farmers in Maharashtra.


Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry) is a Teacher, Inspirational Orator, Leadership Coach, social entrepreneur. The driving force behind the International Confederation of NGOs is to inspire integrity of character by democratizing heroism through voluntary action. Jyoti Nanda  is a teacher, special educator, author, editor and certified life coach.