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Introducing StreetSmart

An Initiative Of Goa Streets

Do you make lamps out of feni bottles? Are you a purveyor of funky Bollywood movie posters? Do you sell chopsticks or neon signs or voodoo doll toothpick holders?  Do you make diamond-shaped ice trays, find Marilyn Monroe pillows or pool rafts in the shape of a pizza slice?

If you make or sell any of the above, malady or some other equally unique product of your own design, then we’d like to invite you to come sell it at StreetSmart, a new venture opening soon at the Goa Streets headquarters in Sangolda!

What is StreetSmart? It’s a shop, a gallery, a meeting point, a concept and an adventure all rolled into one on the stunning premises of Goa Streets, the News & Entertainment weekly.

If you’ve been in Goa for more than a day, ventured into the North Goa beach belt or just felt the need to drive from Porvorim to Calangute, chances are you’ve driven past the Goa Streets headquarters. It’s a lovely, 100-year-old Indo-Portuguese house set on more than an acre of land located right on Chogm Road, one of the most well-travelled thoroughfares in the state. At night it’s especially attractive, with our S-T-R-E-E-T-S signs punctuated by deep blue LED lights. These days you’ll find some extra goodies at Streets as well, including street lamps, street benches, and actual tiled “streets.”


And now we’re opening our doors to all those creative souls who have something unusual to offer both Goans and visitors to Goa. Our main criterion for accepting goods at StreetSmart is that they be unique!

Once your product is approved for sale at StreetSmart, just hand it over and we’ll take care of sales, marketing and other logistics! You will pay no rent, no salaries or any other overhead costs. And lest you forget, we’re a newspaper – so when you come on board as a seller at StreetSmart, you get promotions for your product on the pages of Goa Streets, in addition to online and social media!

Email us for more details at, or call +917774009156/+917773927153.

What we offer:

  • Prime location on one of Goa’s busiest streets, on the up-and-coming CHOGM Road
  • Attractive facility to showcase your goods
  • Sales staff
  • Marketing & publicity to promote your product. Remember, we’re a newspaper!
  • Great venue featuring a gorgeous heritage home and more than 4,000 square meters of beautifully forested land








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  1. Sharmila

    I upcycle out of trash and my products have been featured by you in streets. how do I get in touch with you? Just walk in with samples of my work? Please let me know. You can call me on 8975353419

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