You are currently viewing In Conversation with John Anthony,  Creator of the Goa International Latin Festival

In Conversation with John Anthony, Creator of the Goa International Latin Festival

Get Ready For The Celebration Of A Lifetime!

Save The Dates: Oct. 16-19 at Resort Rio in Arpora.

Goa Streets is Proud To Be Media Partner For The Biggest Latin Dance Festival In Asia!


Call it Merengue Mania, cure Rumba Rage, the Spirit of Salsa. If you don’t already know how to dance like Shakira, even if your hips don’t lie like hers, hanging out at the Goa International Latin Festival is a great place to start groovin’ like a Latino. And it’s not just about music and dance. The festival will feature over 50 workshops, 15 shows, two pool parties, three nights of other crazy parties, a beach party, delectable seafood, theme nights, championships and a lot more.

This is the Goa International Latin Festival’s fifth consecutive year, and will be held from 16th to 19th Oct’15 at the Resort Rio in Arpora. As Media Partner, Goa Streets decided to present some questions to the festival’s creator, John Anthony. Here are his responses.

  1. Why did you start GILF and what do you hope to achieve with it?
  • Goa has always been a favourite holiday destination in India. I like the culture in this state and its openness. Therefore, I thought a Latin festival would be a great mix with a wonderful holiday, and I could globalise the event as many foreigners are already aware of Goa as a destination.  Hence I started GILF in the year 2011.
  1. You are in your fifth year now. How has the festival changed over time?
  • The quality of the festival has improved every year, with regard to the artists, venue and the participation. I soon hope to see it growing as the best vacation festival in Asia, if not the world.
  1. What are the best aspects of the festival and why should folks attend?
  • There are many, but some of the highlights would be that it’s a perfect blend of learning, fun , socialising and a vacation. Over and above, it’s very cost effective.
  1. What are the most unusual parts of the festival?
  • The line-up of  international and national artists, the 5-star venue, the international DJs , pool parties, social dancing and many more
  1. How popular is Latin music and dance in India, and particularly in Goa?
  • Well we are right now the hosts of the biggest festival in Asia. So yes, Latin dancing is popular in India. Goa is catching up. Though we have  few schools in Goa, it certainly is catching up and through GILF, I hope it gets better and bigger in Goa!


  1. Is there anything different about this year’s festival? If so, what?
  • Every year and every event of mine I always try to add something new. The line-up this year is all new, Artists who have never come to India before. We have pool parties every day which is new . We have 2 dance floors catering to different Latin music, theme nights on each of the days, a flea market at the venue , Artist battle … All of these are new.
  1. How many people are you expecting at this year’s GILF and how many attended in previous years?
  • We are expecting close to 400 people. We touched 300 last year.
  1. Why did you choose Resort Rio as the venue?
  • Well it is a good venue with all the amenities we require, like a good banquet hall, pool , good rooms, etc
  1. Is there anything else you’d like to say about this year’s GILF?
  • Well I am very excited about this year. It is gonna be an epic festival … I am also excited about the artists and whole new set of audiences attending the event this year.
  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what animates you, and what are some of your proudest moments?
  • This will be m 9th international festival. I have the pride of being the biggest organiser in Asia and one of the biggest in the world. I am also known as the person who put India on the global map with regards to Latin dancing. My proudest moment was to bring Eddie Torres, the Mambo King to India, which had never been done by anyone before. I also hold the pride of bringing top International artists for the first time to India.

About Latino Rhythms Dance Academy

Latino Rhythms Dance Academy, founded by John Anthony, is a Bangalore-based Latin dance academy that has taught some 5,000 students over the past eight years. John has also hosted Asia’s largest dance congress, India International Dance Congress, or IIDC, every year for the last four years.

Venue: Resort Rio, Arpora, Goa, India

Date: Oct. 16-19

Artist line up for GILF 2015

International Artistes:

  1. Troy , USA 2. Dmitri and Stella , Greece 3. Marco and Samantha, Italy 4. Oleg and Yaiza, Spain 5. DJ Cisco, Belgium

National Artists

  1. Richard David Tholoor 2. Sonali Kunmun Das 3. Ranjani Venkatesan 4. Rishikesh Chabria 5. Suman and Santosh 6. Peddro 7. Sovit and Satyaki 8. Sameer and Shenny Sachdeva 9. Yavit and Titil Bhattacharya 10. Jose and Neel Ak Shi 11. Awadhesh

Introducing Artistes

  1. Elvis Mascarenhas 2. Namrata Witke 3. Nakul Ashok Ghanekar 4. Adiseshan Prithvi 5. Nilesh Waman 6. Abhishek Soman 7. Megha Khatri


For registration details visit

Facebook: GoaInternationalLatinFestival

Media Contact: (don’t forget to ask about special prices!)

John Anthony
Director , LRDA
Organizer IIDC and GILF

Phone : 98454 33370
Email :

John anthony
Director , LRDA
Organizer IIDC and GILF
Hand Phone : 98454 33370
Email :